Valve's cooking up its own VR headset for May

Back when Valve announced SteamVR four years ago, instead of making its own headset, the company gave its blessing to HTC's Vive. Now, it seems Valve is ready to get into the head-mounted display business itself. The former game studio teased something called the Index on Steam this weekend with the tag line "Upgrade your experience."

The photo appears to be a pair of hands holding a VR headset. There is no information available apart from that image, though. PAX East just wrapped up in Boston, and it seems that Valve didn't have anything more to say about the Index at the expo beyond teasing the world with its existence.

Back in November, UploadVR reported on rumors that Valve was about to join the hardware side of the VR market. The photos in UploadVR's report seem to bear more than a passing resemblance to the shadowed headset in the Index's Steam listing. Those rumors, while a little stale at this point, indicated that such a headset would come bundled with the Knuckles VR motion controllers.

Those rumors also indicated that Valve's headset may have a 135° field of view (FOV), which is a little wider than the 110° FOV on the Vive and Vive Pro. That's still quite a bit less than Acer and Starbreeze's StarVR headset with its mammoth 210° arc. As always, take those rumors with the appropriate amount of sodium chloride, but the tagline indicates that Valve's headset may be a competitor to HTC's Vive Pro

Rumors and guesswork may have to suffice for now, but it seems we'll find out more soon. Valve indicates a May 2019 date for a presumed reveal on the Index's page. 

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