news rumor amd could launch third gen ryzen and radeon navi at computex

Rumor: AMD could launch third-gen Ryzen and Radeon Navi at Computex

Can you believe we're already three months into 2019? Somebody pull the brakes on this train. Of course, that's impossible, so we're left barreling at full speed toward Computex at the end of May. You can put your money down that all sorts of products will be previewed or even will premiere at the show in Taiwan, and we wager that few are more anticipated than those coming from AMD. We all have our own educated guesses at AMD's near-future plans, but the Taiwan External Trade and Development Council (TAITRA) may have tipped the company's hand a bit.

AMD's CEO holding a pre-release Ryzen Threadripper CPU.

In the above-linked press release, TAITRA announces that Computex will, for the first time ever, have its opening keynote speech before the show actually opens at the pre-show international press conference. None other than AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su herself will conduct the keynote speech, titled "The Next Generation of High-Performance Computing." The press release doesn't explicitly say what Dr. Su will discuss, though it does mention the executive will "highlight new details of upcoming products."

Our buddies over at TechPowerUp took things a step further this morning, bombastically stating that AMD will launch or unveil a new generation of both Ryzen and Radeon processors at the show, with products coming in June. The site doesn't list its sources, but such a statement seems at least plausible given what we've heard in the past. TechPowerUp goes on to specifically state that the site expects AMD to launch or unveil "at least four" new product lines, and suggests EPYC and Instinct as the third and fourth possible reveals—a claim that sounds more dubious to us.

Whatever may happen after, the only confirmed info is that Dr. Lisa Su will have some big news for us at her keynote kicking off Computex on May 27. When the time comes, expect to read all about whatever she says right here.

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  1. What is the cost price of a radeon 7 die please? That’s right, you don’t know.

  2. He doesn’t have any source since he’s full of BS as usual.

    Papermaster made an announcement that Zen 2 has about the same AVX2 hardware per core as Haswell. This “quad-256 FPU” nonsense is a product of his imagination that gets upthumbed because sh1tposting about Intel is ok around here.

  3. Also as of today Intel has yet to announce a full-clock implementation in any chip, anywhere.

  4. The current problem with AVX512 is that standard is currently in a little mess right now. There are a few branches and it is pretty stupid for AMD to implement it until Intel decides on one implementation. AMD doesn’t have the marketshare/clout to do its own implementation.

  5. The wiki page says Ryzen 7 launched in March, Ryzen 5 in April, and Ryzen 3 at the end of July. Given all the shenanigans around memory compatibility and weird behavior from early motherboards I don’t think I’d call the launch its self the unexpected part. 🙂

  6. You’re missing my point…Chuckula brings that up every time he wants to bet someone on something he knows he’ll win because there is little to NO chance AMD will EVER put AVX-512 in Zen especially desktop.

  7. The 2200G & 2400G didn’t support Windows 7 last time I checked. You can install it but upon reboot it gets an ACPI error(BIOS issue) I believe. Last year, I was going to replace my aging Win7 MediaCenter Home Theater PC (A8 6600K based) with a 2200G build, but Windows 7 is a no go. I had a copy of Windows 8 lying around, but MS removed the Media Center add-on for windows 8 from their store. So I wound up blowing the dust off a AM1 5150 (DC powerbrick) build to run Win7 & WMC. It does ok, a little sluggish some times, but still works.

    I searched for the error again:

  8. AMD’s Windows 7 driver support will end when Microsoft’s Windows 7 support ends in February.

  9. The memory is going to continue being the problem…even a cheap GPU has its own memory pool instead of a shared one. Unless some gen is going to use HBM2 or more channels on the memory controller…

  10. Exciting time will be when an APU can handle games in decent quality at 1080p (Vega 11 can do 720p ok), but I suspect that won’t come with the next generation. Then the living room PC won’t need a graphics card.

  11. If they sell the 2400G for like $100 I’ll grab one and a B450 board. I’ll upgrade for the sake of maintaining Windows 7 driver support. Windows 10 breaks some of my old games and I simply wanna hold on to them. Hopefully the next round of AMD motherboards will continue to have drivers for Windows 7. If not, time to buy what’s on the shelves now.

  12. See what Raja and Keller do. Intel has the engineering horsepower and market influence to take over the GPU market, but they have to actually invest in supporting the industry.

    The kicker is, there’s a huge opening here – the games industry is in total chaos as a result of the legalized gambling style apps that are raking in the same revenues as a AAA game, but at 1/100th the cost. The industry is paralyzed by a refusal to do anything but pursue margins.

    If Intel were to step in as a financier for quality AAA titles in exchange for favorable support (sec. TWIMTBP) they could a) win over developers and b) win over the community in one fell swoop – and it’d be profitable.

    And worth 100x per dollar as any stupid marketing campaign they could dream up.

    But this is Intel we’re talking about.

  13. Agreed. Give me a 3600g and we’ll be happy. Or maybe it’ll drive down prices on the 2400g.

  14. So AMD will just “throw away” all the 7nm chiplets that don’t pass muster for EPYC??? U CraZy man… there will be plenty of left overs for Ryzen 2. The most power efficient chiplets will most likely be EPYC bound. Higher clocks but with higher leakage are ripe for Ryzen 2 and ones with disabled cores.

  15. It’s not going to start competing against 1060s or whatever, but the Gen 11 graphics will be a huge step forward for Intel. And it’s not just because of the performance gains, which may put it nearly level with the last-gen AMD APUs it’ll be competing against.

    It’s also because it will finally add adaptive sync support. People keep thinking of adaptive sync as only a premium feature, but it makes the most difference when your graphics can manage more than 30fps average but can’t manage a consistent 60fps. Finding resolutions and settings that allow your IGP to do the former will frequently be possible. Finding settings that will let it consistently turn in <16.7ms frametimes, not so much.

    On laptops, at least, where eDP is common, getting manufacturers to ensure adaptive sync works should be simple for Intel.

  16. [quote<]They will launch it when 7nm will be cheaper, or wait for 7nm EUV which also will be cheaper.[/quote<] Are you referring to Navi or Ryzen here?

  17. You’re having a lot fo reading comprehension trouble this morning.

    You’re not understanding how businesses plan expenditures. A foundry order is not like a pizza delivery. You can’t ‘call and cancel it’ or ‘skip pizza night and wait for a coupon to come out.’

  18. What does his post have to do with TSMC?

    Of course TSMC sells wafers… Largely to smartphone manufacturers. AMD doesn’t get any special treatment as a minor niche customer and it shows in the prices they have to pay TSMC.

  19. AMD’s quad-256 FPU is probably going to be superior to Intel’s dual-512. Most workloads aren’t compiled for -512, and AMD’s FPU is already faster than Intel’s per clock.

  20. …you don’t understand how wafers are priced. The price follows the demand, not the other way around. TSMC spent billions developing this process, they can’t afford to not make wafers with it. The debt needs to be serviced.

  21. My complaint about that chip is the GPU, they need to make more headway IMO. A person can waste their whole life perfectly fine with the software that runs on a 2400G…

  22. At Computex they will launch EPYC, and share some more info about Ryzen, and Navi. You can expect also promising simulated benchmarks. They will launch it when 7nm will be cheaper, or wait for 7nm EUV which also will be cheaper. Look at Radeon VII chip size and price, to realize how costly is 7nm now. For the same reason NV skipped 7nm, and is waiting for lower prices

    AMD – rumor factory

  23. Same here. My needs are becoming very modest lately. I’d be fine with a 2400G these days, TBH.

  24. OH OH OH

    7+7+19 = 33!

    Half-life 3 confirmed! Runs best on AMD!

    2004 all over again!

    Time to dust off the Athlon 64 and 9800 XT. AW YEAH.

  25. I’m more interested in the 2700X. It’s something like $295 at Newegg right now. Guess they want the coast to be clear when they launch Ryzen 3xxx.

  26. They mention HPC and TPU is saying that means Ryzen/Radeon? Ha.

    It’ll be the full Rome announcement with product details for sure.

  27. Hasn’t a Computex launch with general availability a month later basically been set for the last few months now?

  28. You probably are going to get your wish sooner then you expect. There were already some clearance sales for some of the first-generation Threadrippers.

  29. I would wager that is probably more to do with compatibility issues with older 3xx series boards that might not supply enough juice for the more power hungry Matissee SKUs (12-core/16-cores).

    AMD wants to avoid its own version of Pentium III 1.13Ghz debacle.

  30. Matisse platform’s official launch is most certainly going to be AMD’s show piece. It is possible they might throw in teasers for Threadripper 3 and next-generation APUs based on Zen2 architecture.

    Navi launch seems to be unlikely perhaps a teaser. I think Nvidia’s early launch of TU116 threw a wrench in Navi’s prospects in the discrete market.

  31. I actually had this discussion with a coworker earlier. It could be that AMD would like to avoid launching the CPUs without the new chipset due to the confusion around PCI-E 4.0 support you mentioned in addition to the possibility of missing features [i<]a la[/i<] spotty PBO or PB2 (I forget which) support on X370 boards with Ryzen 2000 series parts. It's just a rumor though, so who knows.

  32. I swear this is the first time I saw Chucky post something that concerns AMD that isn’t a subtle jab at the company. Get well soon, bro.

  33. What “chipset issues?” They are supposed to be fully compatible with any existing RyZen board including limited compatibility with PCIe 4.0 in the first slot (YMMV).

    Even if the entire X570 chipset line craters AMD is supposed to be able to launch the chips as soon as they are ready to ship.

  34. Newest rumors are that the new Ryzen parts might be delayed due to chipset issues, so you might be waiting a bit longer!

  35. Lol. Probably September/October which is just before the “holiday” buying season starts.

  36. I just might go with a 2600X or 2700X selling for peanuts when the new Ryzen chips come out.

  37. [quote<]Somebody pull the brakes on this train. Of course, that's impossible, so we're left barreling at full speed toward Computex at the end of May. [/quote<] *Mumbles quietly to himself* [i<]Something, something, General Relativity...[/i<]

  38. Talk about? Undoubtedly.

    Launch? Maybe “we’ll take preorders” for Zen but Navi is not launching in May, I can guarantee that much.