Radeon Software 19.4.1 splats bugs and stays the course

Amid all the excitement about upcoming products, it's easy to forget that the day-to-day business of supporting all that hardware must continue. On that note, AMD just released Radeon Software version 19.4.1. This is—as the version number indicates—the first Radeon driver release in April, and while there aren't any big-ticket items like game-specific support, there are still a few fixes to appreciate.

You can bet some multi-sampling was used in this WoW screenshot.

Most notably, Radeon VII and Radeon RX Vega cards should stop crashing or hanging when you hook up three or more displays. Using multi-sampling in World of Warcraft should no longer crash the game. Mouse cursors should stop vanishing on Ryzen Mobile chips with integrated graphics. Also on the mobile Ryzen chips, AMD's Vari-Bright dynamic screen brightness feature should correctly respond to configuration changes now. Radeon WattMan auto-overclock, as well as the game World of Tanks ought to work on RX Vega cards now.

Issues hanging around in this release include screen flickering on multi-display setups on Radeon VII cards and while watching videos on an HDR display in the Netflix app. Also on the Radeon VII, WattMan's performance monitors may not read the correct values. Finally, using the Radeon performance metrics overlay may cause flickering when playing back protected content.

New to AMD's download site is the note above. This warning is interesting given that Nvidia's drivers for its latest cards require the 1809 release of Windows 10 to install owing to older versions missing support for DXR. It's possible that AMD could soon release a driver that likewise requires certain Windows updates, but for now, the release notes don't make mention of any such requirement.

You can, as usual, head to AMD's download site to read the aforementioned release notes or simply download the drivers. Here's a handy link to both for the Windows 10 64-bit version.

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