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Bargain basement: [insert best deals here]

Greetings, fellow deal seekers! Bruno's got the day off, so, while the code-monkey's away, the gerbils will play. A couple of us have picked a couple deals we like and we submit them for your approval. Personally, I've been immersing myself back into the wonderful world of aquariums and fishing for the kind of deals unlikely to make a splash on the front page. That leaves me a bit out of touch with the latest and greatest PC hardware deals and means my picks aren't tried and true bargain basement fare. But I still think they're worth a look.

Colton's picks

  • Are you sick and tired of your kids staring at a screen all day? I'm not! That said, sometimes it's nice to take a break from watching moving pictures on LCDs and OLEDs and get back to reading customizable fonts off good old-fashioned E Ink. I'm a big fan of Amazon's E-readers and they've got a sweet deal on a kids bundle going on right now. It's just $59.99 for an 8th gen Kindle along with your choice of cover, and it comes with the standard two-year worry-free Amazon guarantee for kids versions of their wares. The 2016 era model doesn't have lighting built in, but it's easy to read in daylight. So, load it up with the books you've always wanted your kid to read and boot them outside to produce some Vitamin D now that the weather is getting nicer. It's win-win.

  • There's no glamour to this deal, but the savings is nice. Here's the bottom line: you probably need more MicroSD storage. I know all of my cards are sub-32GB, it's pathetic. High-quality stuff like Sandisk's 200 GB Ultra UHS-I MicroSD can be had for the low, low price of $25 at both Amazon and Newegg. That's prime impulse-buy territory, folks. Surely, you've got a crusty old DSLR, shiny new mirrorless camera, a drone, Raspberry Pi, GoPro, tablet, or other device that needs some love delivered in the form of a heap of extra storage? I just realized that I haven't even dropped one in my phone yet. That mistake ends today.

Ben's picks

Greetings, gerbils! Speaking of staring at screens all day, I've finally looked up from Shining Force CD to find that, in a move he's sure to regret, Bruno's out of the office today. The deals must go on, however, and we've got his back. Storage is the order of the day in this section. If you've started taking bites from your bytes because there's not enough room to hold them all, today's the day to expand your capacity.

  • HP's EX900 series of NVMe solid-state drives have been the subject of some serious deals over the last couple of weeks, and this week is no different. This time, Newegg has the 500 GB flavor of this gumstick for a mere $59.99. The e-tailer's Shell-Shocker deal represents the best price we've seen for this drive yet. If you're in the market for a speedy boot disk, be sure to snatch this one up before it disappears.

  • Earlier this week I was griping about the price of mass storage and lamenting that my whole life was on a single 6-TB chunk of spinning rust. Fortunately, Best Buy has a great deal so I can mirror my data. Right now, the blue shirts will sell you a Western Digital Easy Store 10-TB USB 3.0 drive for the low, low price of $159.99. That's $140 off the list price, and if you like base-10 storage figures, that works out to only $0.16 per gigabyte. This external drive is around half the price of comparable internal drives.

And now back to your regularly scheduled, but seriously important, boilerplate… There's a chance you're looking for something we haven't covered. If that's the case, you can help The Tech Report by using the following referral links when you're out shopping: not only do we have a partnership with Newegg and Amazon, but we also work with Best Buy, Adorama, RakutenWalmart, and Sam's Club. For more specific needs, you can also shop with our links at Das Keyboard's shop.

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  1. That WD Easystore 10TB is a heck of a deal. I bought mine on sale from BB last year during Black Friday for 179.99 and even at that price was a great deal. I think it normally retails for 249 to 299 depending on where you find it. It formats to 9.1TB and allowed me to consolidate 4.5TB of my junk in one place.

    This deal is now old and I even considered picking up a second @ 159 but they were all solid out within 250 miles of me in minutes. I guess the deal caught on. As last year all the best buys had tons available everywhere.

  2. Mine came today (from Amazon) and it performs as expected–which is to say it’s pretty damn fast. 90MB/s sequential reads/writes, just under 1.5K IOPS for 4K random. Pretty much A1 spec like all the other recently released A1 cards. That’s up a great deal from the 1.5 IOPS of some older cards. Yeah, 1.5 IOPS, no missing K. Well, you’ll certainly miss it, but ….

  3. The 7 Plus stands out as a solid no-stupid-stuff phone IMO. I hope Nokia gets around to making a [i<]proper[/i<] successor.

  4. It’s been pretty disappointing watching WD’s fall from grace on Backblaze’s reliability charts.

    That said, sometimes it takes failure on a catastrophic scale in order to force company higher-ups to take a close look at a missing factor. IBM and it’s Deathstar drives eventually gave rise to HGST which make the most reliable drives today.

  5. Where I live Nokia seems to be drastically slashing prices. The Nokia 6.1 is just around $135 and the Nokia 7 Plus is just $233. Awesome deals. Forget those Chinese brands.

  6. Oh yes – it’s VERY different. It’s pretty close (at least from my perspective) to the tabletop version where die rolls are counted in many double digits per turn. It’s chaotic, awesome, and [i<]incredibly difficult[/i<]. I turned off a few of the mods included in the package to retain sanity. Not getting mech parts from salvage because of employer relations? Gone. That one alone makes it far more playable. I feel no shame in "generous" for both salvage and compensation settings. I also disabled the mod for salvaged mechs being essentially destroyed when you got all the parts. This happened when I got a clean triple-headshot to a clan mech...and it was missing limbs and critical parts (that I didn't have handy) when it showed up in the mech bay. That ruined any realism that that particular mod added from salvaging random parts together. I still play the hell out of it and even when I make it 5-6 missions in and fail it's difficult to not immediately fire up another campaign. 🙂

  7. “Are you sick and tired of your kids staring at a screen all day?” nah, thats just really good parenting. wait, its not opposite day?

  8. It’s definitely not a guarantee but there is a genuine issue with actual counterfeit items in the flash supply chain itself (as opposed to knock offs). Getting a house brand cuts out a lot of layers in that chain and those are where a lot of the fakes are getting in. So while it’s not a guarantee it’s like the difference between getting a hsgt VS Seagate. The percentage chance is lowered but not gone

  9. People have been recommending this but it’s not a guarantee. The other side is making sure your testing equipment is fast enough to see the benchmark speeds you’re expecting. IE: don’t test through a USB hub.

  10. I’ve been shaking my head about the sheer number of sellers online selling fake memory cards lately as well. $10 for 256GB that actually only has 8GB in it but tricks your PC to think it has 256GB. And the really sad part is, in my country where there’s no shortage of dumb and dumber people swear about how legit these fakes are in the comments section of these memory cards. They say the computer shows 256GB and they were able to format them. I almost lost my head shaking it.

  11. Better to buy smaller and use an adapter to go bigger and be able to use the card in more devices than to buy a SD card and not be able to use it in phones or tablets.

  12. One choice that has a lot less fakes (Out of 10 I’ve received 0) is the Samsung Evo Select line. It’s a rebrand of the Evo Plus, but only amazon is licensed for it. Because of that, it’s got a direct supply line from the factory, unlike other cards which significantly cuts down on the chance of fakes getting into the supply chain. I’d really recommend sticking to that, or buying in person.

  13. It’s insane yes. But mostly because of how much it really makes you feel like a what a merc in the battletech universe deals with (read: small and insignificant). Tons of failed missions or negative balance runs, and money seems to be a much more limiting factor than tonnage in builds of good mechs, or in their upkeep. It’s a very different experience than the base game that’s for sure.

  14. ^^ this!

    Well, Battletech is awesome. I’m only 5550 or so days into my first go-round on the campaign. Between computer issues and the changes they keep making I haven’t finished it yet.

    I’ve heard RogueTech is insane in all the extra content… I may give it a try at some point.

  15. I no longer buy SD cards from Amazon; So many fakes, even “sold by Amazon” are sometimes fakes.

    Yes, I know Amazon are good about returns but I’d rather not have to go through the rigmarole of ordering, testing, discovering it’s a fake, returning, getting sent another, and having to test again just to be sure.

    Amazon are clearly far too lenient on those who try to sell fake products through them. If they had a zero-tolerance policy, Amazon wouldn’t be the disaster it now is. I clicked on the Amazon link from here, looked at the 1-star reviews and there were multiple confirmations that even these that are sold direct by Amazon include fakes.

  16. (Putting them in the URL doesn’t return an error, but I also have no idea if it’ll work!)

  17. I think camera makers may want to consider using standard SD cards, not microSD. Most microSD cards come with an SD adapter anyway. That way they’d be a little bigger and a little less likely to get lost. Plus, most laptops accept standard SD cards so using them between your camera and your laptop is straightforward.

  18. BattleTech is extremely awesome. It’s extremely more awesome with the RogueTech mod once you’ve beaten the campaign a few times.

  19. I’ve never gotten anything out of a warranty on any drive (and from what I’ve heard, that’s not unusual). Shucking them basically means nothing if you’re even remotely protecting your data.

    //shucked lots of drives for his home NAS

  20. Usually /r/DataHoarder has the most recent info. Case in point: [url<][/url<] In the past I seem to remember they had stickied posts about shucking drives, but I can't find it now. Could be it never existed, could be reddit's redesign is hiding them somewhere.

  21. I have, but only because they tend to fail a lot. I had one green drive go back twice.

  22. I thought Stellaris and Surviving Mars were pretty good, but I hit a brick wall after about 25 hours of gameplay. Battletech was great, but I’m a fan of the franchise so no surprise there.

  23. Impressive… most impressive.

  24. My EOS 5D Mk. III and the newer Mk. IV use both/either Compact Flash and SD. Being able to keep CF cards that I used with older cameras is nice, but I would have been okay with making a clean break to the smaller SD format. I do agree with you that Micro-SD would seem needlessly-tiny in a full-frame camera body.

  25. Assassin’s creed unity for PC is currently free to keep on Uplay: [url<][/url<]

  26. [quote<]Shucking WD external drives to get cheap internal drives is still a thing. [/quote<] Do you have a link for Shucking external drives. I have done it in the past (with good success). Thanks

  27. GoG has Paradox games and DLC on sale:
    [url<][/url<] I have especially enjoyed [i<]BattleTech[/i<] (50% off) and [i<]Surviving Mars[/i<] (40% off). I haven't really gotten into [i<]Stellaris[/i<] (75% off).

  28. I don’t like the idea of microSD in an SLR. Too small to lose when switching them out.

  29. This is true, but I don’t think most folks will notice the difference. While TR hasn’t tested these drives, you can see on any review Tony has ever written how close together all those boot times are. So while your warning is warranted and I wouldn’t use it as an enterprise database disk, everyone else is probably fine.

  30. $25 for a 200GB MicroSD is a pretty solid deal. Most decent 128GB cards are still in that range.

  31. Shucking WD external drives to get cheap internal drives is still a thing. Do your research to find out which sort of internal drive is likely to live inside the case of the external model that you’re considering.

  32. Small warning to anyone interested in the SSD deal; the EX900 is a decidedly entry level drive, with performance a fair bit off from the excellent EX920.

    I think it’s still a decent deal for the price, but I wouldn’t want anyone picking one of these up expected high end performance and being disappointed.

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