news microsoft windows subsystem for linux 2 goes fast and has a new terminal

Microsoft Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 goes fast and has a new terminal

The year of Linux on the desktop is finally upon us. Microsoft tried to make it happen in 2017 when it released Windows Subsystem for Linux. Back then, Microsoft wrote a wrapper for Linux system calls that translated those calls into Windows NT kernel functions. It works, but it's not very fast and many apps won't run. Microsoft knows this, and yesterday at the annual Build conference, the Windows maker announced the second iteration of Windows Subsystem for Linux.

A still from a mesmerizing GIF in Microsoft's announcement blog post

This time around, WSL will ship with a Linux kernel that runs in a lightweight virtual machine (VM). However, Windows Developer Platform head Craig Loewen promises that instead of working like a traditional VM running in its own isolated environment, the Linux subsystem will boot quickly, use few resources, and not require any VM management. Loewen says that this is the first time Windows will ship with a Linux kernel. Since WSL2 has its own kernel, Loewen says that many more apps will run on Windows than would run in the previous iteration. Microsoft expects WSL2 Insider releases to happen near the end of June.

Speaking of the new kernel, a companion piece by Microsoft Linux Systems Group program manager Jack Hammons dives into the new subsystem's core components. WSL2's kernel is initially based version 4.19, a long-term support (LTS) release. According to Loewen, the company will continue contributing to the Linux kernel. He says that Microsoft employs a "growing number" of Linux contributors. Hammons also expects that all changes Microsoft makes to the kernel will make their way upstream from WSL2 back to the GNU Linux kernel project.

To accompany WSL2, Microsoft has also announced a new Windows Terminal application. Rather than use good ol' cmd.exe for DOS-style commands, PowerShell for its scripting language, and a third terminal app for WSL, Windows Terminal will allow users to mix-and-match all three technologies in a single app with a tabbed interface. Windows Terminal appears to be a front-end for existing applications, and program manager Kayla Cinnamon says that existing apps aren't going anywhere. Like many of Microsoft's other recent releases, Windows Terminal is an open-source project. Interested gerbils can grab the source and build it for themselves from its GitHub repository.

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  1. [url<][/url<] Just came across this today. The actual MS Console/Terminal developers give a way better explanation. If you have an hour, check it out. It’s worth it just for the flow charts of how old windows console works vs a standard terminal.


    well since you asked

    [url<][/url<] I don't see linux under supported OS and [url<][/url<] I don't see linux for supported OS That's why.

  3. Blind fanaticism isn’t really unique to Linux users though, If anything, Linux users are usually more open-minded and less resistant to change than other OS users, and have a higher tolerance for stuff not working out of the box, or needing extra work to tailor to their needs.

    Perhaps it’s this stereotypical expectation of Linux users being more technically proficient, patient, open-minded, and tolerant than, say, OSX or WINBLOWS that makes the religious ranty sort stick out like such a sore thumb.

  4. From the looks of it they decided to use a local network connection sort of the same way virtualbox does shared folders. The difference being that in virtualbox your shared files live on the host file system and are shared with the guest. In WSL it seems to be the opposite.

  5. Having just skimmed this, I assume this is due to a lack of windows drivers for linux filesystems than getting a bash terminal

  6. I don’t think the browsers are a valid example of that when everyone who was making one pretty much did their own thing. IE won the war of attrition by virtue of being included with Windows, but Netscape did its fair share of breaking HTML.

    Also this just reminded me of the bad old days when writing anything in javascript meant having to detect the exact browser version to know which functions you could or could not use.

  7. The difference here is that extending the open source components in a way that locks people into MS is going to be pretty difficult. I would think they’d have to create new closed source components and I don’t know that too many Linux folks would be super trusting of that. Whatever they were, they’d have to be considerably better than alternatives to get anyone to buy into the “Extend” step of that plan…

  8. Netscape Navigator and others were never bought out by MS. Read more here… [url=,_extend,_and_extinguish<]Embrace Extend Extinguish[/url<].

  9. I think it would negatively impact Azure, so I’m not worried about WSL being extinguished.

  10. That’s only possible for technologies and companies they bought out and thus become unavailable except through MS.

    If MS decides to extinguish WSL it’s not gonna affect any other Linux distro.

  11. I wasn’t really clear in my point, but the kind of stuff I was thinking about was very recently (a couple months ago) starting to come out, and is not completely covered by WSL2.

    [url<][/url<] There is NOT a ton of 2-way integration between linux (WSL) and the Windows system. Which was why cygwin on Windows is still a valid command line use case. The WSL good use cases and the Cygwin use cases overlap a bit and if MS continues to expand the 2-way capabilities, then Cygwin would be obviated.

  12. What about this one:

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  13. Microsoft hasn’t said anything about X support, so my supposition is that you’d still need third-party software for non-CLI apps.

  14. All it needs is some lines about flat Earth and anti-vax to hit all the conspiracy hot buttons.

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  16. How in the world can you type so much while wearing a [url=<]straitjacket[/url<]?

  17. I almost thought I could take most people here seriously. I mean, except chuckie, but he’s at least somewhat funny.

  18. 1. No. You haven’t needed to do this for a couple of years now, since WSL 1 was released (note that this announcement is for WSL [u<]2[/u<]). Cygwin may still be needed if you want X Windows support (not sure). 2. They're using some sort of virtualization solution under the hood, so yeah it really [u<]should[/u<] be possible to patch the Linux kernel without rebooting the host OS. We shall see.

  19. Virtualbox is fine. I never had a problem with Windows 10 when it was contained inside of virtualbox in a normal Linux system!

    I figure if it’s a “Windows subsystem for Linux” then Windows should be the subsystem that runs on Linux.

  20. Meh, I’d rather just use VirtualBox. At least they acknowledge that the technology world no longer revolves around Redmond.

  21. Maybe it started acting goofy after he attempted to update a Linux component, and after two hours of messing with the command line and reading 10 year old unanswered forum posts vaguely related to the problem he finally gave up and posted this rant instead.

    (I use Linux professionally, if you were wondering)

  22. Way too much white space in there. That wall of text won’t bear loads properly.

  23. So my question is:

    1. Do I have to keep installing cygwin to get a *nix command line? I am guessing it will have proper OS integration as well as feature parity, and therefore be better than cygwin.

    2. This kernel had damn well better be able to be patched without reboots, which I assume is true because they would be FREAKING IDIOTS if they rolled out something that actually makes admins reboot MORE often.

  24. It is “religious” rants like this that give Linux users a bad name, and perpetuate the stereotype of Linux users living in an alternate reality. And I say this as someone who develops for Linux systems at my day job, and has used Linux as my primary desktop OS at home for about a decade.

    As an aside, I’d also like to point out that IBM just bought Red Hat…

  25. It’s not often that real, live people can make a Penny Arcade comic look understated, but today is that day.

  26. With WSL2, Windows is now targetable by more cross-platform vectors than ever! And with Windows Terminal, hackers can rest assured that they can wreak havoc in their language of choice.

  27. At least with a name like “Kayla Cinnamon” we can be sure that she’ll know how to deal with weird and slightly creepy obsessions like this one. You seriously couldn’t make this up.

  28. Right? I expect him to throw in some gibberish about reverse vampires and gay frogs next.

  29. Anyone who uses terms like “Micrograft” and “Winblows” automatically loses the right to be taken seriously. It’s just as bad as using “M$“

    In fact, your entire rant puts me in mind of this:


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  31. [quote=”derFunkenstein”<] To accompany WSL2, Microsoft has also announced a new Windows Terminal application. Rather than use good ol' cmd.exe for DOS-style commands, PowerShell for its scripting language, and a third terminal app for WSL, Windows Terminal will allow users to mix-and-match all three technologies in a single app with a tabbed interface. Windows Terminal appears to be a front-end for existing applications, and program manager Kayla Cinnamon says that existing apps aren't going anywhere. Like many of Microsoft's other recent releases, Windows Terminal is an open-source project. Interested gerbils can grab the source and build it for themselves from its GitHub repository. [/quote<] To be a little more clear, the new terminal app is really a replacement for conhost.exe, which is what cmd.exe or powershell.exe actually use to output anything. So the old tools really can't go anywhere, they're still used for everything they were doing before. The new terminal app is just better features and output for console apps. Very welcome changes, especially the tabbed interface and supposed SSH support. Also, the old conhost.exe doesn't go anywhere though and remains for backwards compatibility. Which means starting up any of the old tools directly will still launch an old style console.

  32. For some reason I want this comment at the top of the Top Comments list.

  33. Microsoft, “Linux” and “Cinnamon” in the same story? SOMETHING SOMETHING CONFIRMED!

    [Still wearing my office aluminum foil cap, so specific conspiracy theories are being left to the gerbils here, Ben. IF THAT IS IN FACT YOUR “REAL” NAME.]

    EDIT: Changed “n” to “in”

  34. Nadella might just be the best CEO Microsoft has ever had. He really seems to put the “enlightened” in “enlightened self interest.”

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