National Sea Monkey Day Shortbread

Nothing says "I'm a fish nerd again" like feeding live food. So, I had to test this thing out. Review incoming?

PC hardware, computing, and RGB LEDs

  1. Be Quiet! Dark Rock Slim review @ bit-tech
  2. Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 Gaming OC review @ Guru3D
  3. AMD driver GPU memory timings benchmark in gaming @ Gamers Nexus
  4. Samsung 883 and 983 DCT SSD review @ HotHardware
  5. Sharkoon Drakonia II gaming mouse review @ KitGuru
  6. WD Black SN750 NVMe SSD with EKWB heatsink review @ Legit Reviews
  7. Tecware Phantom RGB keyboard review @ TechPowerUp
  8. The Team Group MP34 512GB SSD review @ AnandTech
  9. Vertical gaming mouse packs a pistol design for first-person shooter games @ New Atlas (now, where have I seen this before?)

Games, culture, and VR

  1. Party like it's 2004 with WoW Classic starting August 27 @ Ars Technica
  2. The other half of Red Dead Redemption 2 has launched @ Quarter To Three
  3. A new Pokémon game has just launched on smartphones @ Nintendo Life

Hacks, gadgets and crypto-jinks

  1. It took just five days for bitcoin to rise from $6,000 to $8,000 @ Ars Technica
  2. Long-lost "tasty genes" could soon be spliced back into store-bought tomatoes @ New Atlas
  3. OnePlus redefines premium with the 7 Pro @ TechCrunch
  4. Lifelike dinosaur emerges from the plumbing aisle @ HackADay (absolutely incredible)
  5. In this aussie's back yard, no cat is safe from an automated soaking! @ HackADay (Batman does not approve)

Science, technology, and space news

  1. San Francisco could be first US city to ban facial-recognition technology @ Slashdot
  2. SpaceX plans to A/B test its Starship rocketship builds @ Ars Technica
  3. NASA's Artemis mission plans to put the first woman on the Moon by 2024 @ New Atlas
  4. 5G likely to mess with weather forecasts, but FCC auctions spectrum anyway @ Ars Technica (this device may not cause harmful interference unless you're the FCC)
  5. Victor Vescovo and the DSV Limiting Factor have found new depths in the Mariana Trench @ New Atlas

Cheese, memes, what have you

  1. These dairy devils are making cheese from celebrities' bacteria @ (eww, science!)
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