Bargain basement: a Radeon RX 570 4 GB for $120 with two games, and more

  • Last week, we lead our deals with a high-end graphics card, and today's the time for a modest offering to shine. The PowerColor Radeon RX 570 4 GB is probably the choice pixel-pusher for those with modest needs or modest budgets. This unit in particular has a generously sized heatsink with two fans atop and a 1250 MHz boost clock. The shroud has a red-on-black dragon motif that could signify House Targaryen. The asking price right now at Newegg is a scant $119.99 with the cart code EMCTAVD55. The folks at AMD also throw in The Division 2 Gold and World War Z for free.

  • Keeping with the budget theme, here are the potential processor and motherboard to go with the card above. The Ryzen 5 1600 is a six-core, 12-thread Zen processor capable of hitting a 3.6 GHz boost speed. It might not be the latest-and-greatest model, but it's still pretty potent and more than good enough for for a modest machine. The chip comes with a cooler and arrives into town with the ASRock B450-HDV motherboard, a fine circuit slab with a PCIe x4 M.2 socket. This set of two will set you back only $139.98 at Newegg, or $45 off the regular total.

  • An capacious hard drive is always a handy item to have, whether it's for backups or just for storing cheese pictures. One of the most popular drives is the Western Digital MyBook 6 TB external spinner, a simple USB 3.0 affair that comes with included backup software and hardware encryption. You can currently pick one up for $95.96 from Amazon.

  • Now, it's time for compact and mobile systems. The Intel NUC (NUC8i7BEH1) has horsepower that far belies its diminutive dimensions. Inside sits a Core i7-8559U processor, a 28 W affair that packs four cores and eight threads with a 4.5 GHz turbo clock. The chip also includes Iris Plus 655 graphics silicon with 128 MB of eDRAM—a cut well above your standard IGP, and more than capable for light gaming in a pinch. Newegg's currently selling this machine for $484.99, and it'll throw in a Corsair 8 GB SO-DIMM, an item with a $37 value. We'd suggest grabbing the pack plus another one of those DIMMs for a dual-channel 16 GB setup, and you'll be golden.

  • Over on the mobility aisle, you'll find the Lenovo Ideapad 530S 14" laptop. This well-built machine comes with an AMD Ryzen 5 2500U processor, a quad-core, eight-thread affair with a 3.6 GHz boost clock. Next to the chip sit 8 GB of RAM and a 256 GB NVMe solid-state drive. The display is a 14" 1920x1080 affair, and the keyboard is backlit. You can pick this machine up for $424.99 from Rakuten with the checkout code SAVE15.

  • The final bit of kit today is the ROG Strix Hero II gaming laptop (GL504GM-DS74). On the outside sits a 15.6" display with extra-thin bezels and a whopping 144 Hz refresh rate. To slap frames on the screen at that speed, the machine uses an Intel Core i7-8750H processor sitting next to 16 GB of RAM and a GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB graphics card. For storing your game collection, you get a 256 GB NVMe SSD and a 1 TB hard drive. The cooling system uses two fans, and the keyboard has RGB LED backlighting. The price tag reads just $1099.99 at Newegg with the promo code EMCTAVD32.

That's all for today, folks! There's a chance you're looking for something we haven't covered. If that's the case, you can help The Tech Report by using the following referral links when you're out shopping: not only do we have a partnership with Newegg and Amazon, but we also work with Best Buy, Adorama, RakutenWalmart, and Sam's Club. For more specific needs, you can also shop with our links at Das Keyboard's shop.

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