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In the lab: Echo Auto

One of my back-burner review ideas is currently titled “The other woman: Three years with Alexa.” I’m not sure what that story will be titled if I ever decide to pull the trigger on it, but when I got my invite to buy an Echo Auto I knew I’d be writing that review much sooner. Thank goodness I actually have a phone I can use it with now.

Oof, no more hiding my crummy photos behind low resolution anymore.

For the $25 it cost me, I’m already impressed by just what was in the box. There’s the Echo Auto itself, a dual port charger, magnetic dashboard clip, a couple cables, and even an Amazon branded wipe to clean the dust off my dash with.

It arrived yesterday and I set it up this morning while in my driveway after just a few minutes fiddling with the Alexa app. My first impressions are positive (starting your day to Ra Ra RasPutin will do that, though). Look for a full review soon.


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  1. A business analyst in our department is using one now and I’ve seen it in action. It has a lateral bouncing light like a Cylon Centurion and the whole thing is disturbing. I’m waiting for the analyst to tell me it to exterminate me…

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