news tr bbq xvi is less than two months away

TR BBQ XVI is less than two months away

Greetings gerbils! At this time last year, the TR BBQ was only one week a way. I got a strong reminder that it’s BBQ season this morning. The air just felt right, and the sound of a few nearby crows briefly transported my mind about ten miles to the west, right to the big lake. For just a split-second, I experienced everything I love about kicking off BBQ morning. I can hardly wait for the real thing.

That said, I’m thankful there’s still about two months to go before this year’s BBQ. It’s going down on August 10 in Holland, MI. That gives me plenty of time to prepare for your arrival. You are coming, right? I can’t stress enough that everyone is invited to the TR BBQ. Sure, some of the regulars have been attending consistently for well over a decade but this isn’t some exclusive club. Even the regulars are just people who decided to make the trip once and then kept showing up afterward.

I haven’t been able to make it to the lake recently, so please enjoy this photo of my sister’s coatimundis.

If you’ve made it to third paragraph but you’ve never made it to the BBQ, you probably already know the sales pitch from years past. I’d hazard a guess that you’ve even seriously considered joining us but couldn’t quite figure out how to make it work. To that I simply say, please try again. I think you’ll find it worth the effort.

Here’s the short version for folks that are baffled by the entire concept. We eat, we laugh, we talk, we geek out, we play games, and we have a great time. Oh, and it’s free. Think about it, we’d love to see you there. Pop over to this year’s BBQ thread for more details.

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  3. Check the forum thread, everyone. There’s a surprise for the kiddos coming!

  4. Is it the distance or lack of creative excuses for a trip? Last year I used it as an excuse for a long motorcycle trip (took a creative route). This year we are doing a family vacation and road trip.

  5. Had to look up Coatimundi.

    “They like to take keys off keyboards…” Hard pass!

    “….and they often poop on themselves before bed.” Haha.

  6. As an Argentinian, I have to explain to you that the way you barbecue is wrong and evil.

    But coati are fine.

    The animal barbecue is the pampean vizcacha.

    But coati are fine.

  7. I’m super excited. Me, Mama Bear, and the two Cubs are going this year. Everyone is really excited.

  8. I was really tempted to go last year when I was in Wisconsin, but I have a reputation to uphold!

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