Matrox's new Parhelia?

Matroxusers has assembled some information on Matrox's unannounced Parhelia graphics part. It's all just speculation, and some of the claims are pretty wild, but I can't help wondering. Here are some of the more interesting claims:
3. It is fast. It will have a new memory design, different from all current video cards. Memory speed will be faster than the current fastest (a GeForce4). Faster by a huge margin of victory (~19GB/s bandwidth).

4. It is fast. It will be an all new chip. It will not be 256 bit and will not be 128 bit. Expect clock speeds around 300 Mhz. Also expect varied product offerings from this core after the initial products are released.

5. It is 3D feature filled. Expect it to have a fully programmable Transform and Lighting. Displacement mapping is sure to be featured along with shaders. It will have the most powerful Transform and Lighting unit available.

6. It is 2D feature filled. Before you say there is nothing that can be done to improve 2D, let me just say there is. 2D performance and quality will be a leap ahead.

7. It will be expensive. Of course I have no exact dollar amounts, but I am fairly confident in saying Parhelia will be more expensive than current high end cards, but with good cause. It offers much more than anything else on the market.

What do you think: is this thing for real? Has Matrox lifted some ideas from BitBoys to achieve that massive amount of memory bandwidth? What's there left to do in 2D, anyway?

I'm not really sure how to handicap this; Matrox has been very quiet of late, and they have had industry-leading 3D in the past. If this is what we can expect from Matrox's next part, I really, really want one.

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