TR BBQ XVI is happening next weekend!

Tradition demands we’ll post one more reminder before this year’s TR BBQ, but let’s be real here. This one-week reminder is the last practical heads-up you’re going to get about what’s going down on August 10. The truth is that the “TR BBQ XVI is happening tomorrow!” headline coming a week from today isn’t actually going to help anyone. If you haven’t solidified your plans yet and confirmed your attendance in the BBQ thread by now, well, frankly, I’m concerned about your priorities. As of today, though, I’m telling you there’s still a chance.

If you’re somehow still hanging out here after all these years and haven’t caught on to how this works yet, let me break it down for you. Dozens of gerbils and their families come to Holland, MI every summer to hang out on a beachfront property that my family has owned since the 1930s. High lake levels have turned that beachfront into more of a waterfront situation this year, but it only makes the location slightly less idyllic (or should I say Instagramable?).

This lame scenery isn’t going to get me followers, dad.

The day’s events include copious amounts of food (headlined by zgirl’s famous ribs), as well as the annual Cornhole tournament (with trophies), PC hardware swap meet, inevitable microbrew shenanigans, and a generously donated bounce castle for the kiddos. We’ll also have a big tent to huddle under so you can avoid rain or shine, whichever you fear more. There’s even a semi-secret Friday night pizza dinner and Sunday morning breakfast for those who want to make a weekend of it. Plus, you know, it’s just fun to hang out with friendly people.

I’m not sure how many more of these BBQs I’m going to host, I’ve advertised for a few years now that any year could be the last one and this year is no exception. I know I speak for all the regulars when I say that we’d love to see some new and returning faces at the BBQ this year so we can all reminisce and prophesy together. All are welcome. Pop over to the BBQ thread and get on the attendee list, I’ll be sending out PMs with the exact details this weekend. I hope to see you there.

Colton Westrate

I post Shortbread, I host BBQs, I tell stories, and I strive to keep folks happy.

    • Grunt
    • 2 weeks ago mentions as benefit “Exclusive access to yearly Cabin meetup.” – is this yearly Cabin meetup the same event as the TR BBQ?

    off-topic: – picture of Adam Eiberger is not shown anymore, but his name and function still is. Is he still involved with this site?

    • Absolutely not. I don’t know what the “Cabin meetup” is. As long as the BBQ continues to happen it will be open to the entire community.

      Adam still being listed anywhere on the site is an oversight AFAIK.

    • Pat
    • 3 weeks ago

    These never seem to work out…I’m taking 21 Fortinet Switches Live this weekend.

    • Patrick
    • 3 weeks ago

    Dangit, I work in Grand Rapids and all this time never knew you guys were right around the corner until this year…and this is the year I gotta be in MA on the 10th. Arrgh!

    • Krogoth
    • 3 weeks ago

    Will there an award for “Best Gluing”?

    • Sweatshopking
    • 3 weeks ago

    I hope you all have a wonderful time. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do (that’s a lot of things)


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