IBM drives don't work overtime

Apparently, IBM's latest drives aren't supposed to put in more than an 8-hour work day. Storagereview has the scoop on the 120GXP drives, straight from an IBM rep:
Q: Would you recommend this drive in a server role?
A: No, the drive is intended to be on for no more than about 8 hours a day. If it were only used during that period and then shut down for the day, then it would be fine, but it definitely should NOT be used in a 24/7 role for those customers concerned with reliability.
This new specification could explain the seemingly higher than average failure rates for IBM's 75GXP drives, but IBM declined to comment due to the current lawsuit they're facing. Suffice to say it's probably best to stay away from IBM's new 120GXPs if you work, or play a lot of overtime.
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