Nvidia puts RTX to work for greenscreen streamers

RTX isn’t just for cranking up the realism in games anymore – it’s also for pulling streamers into games thanks to Nvidia’s new RTX Broadcast Engine and specifically RTX Greenscreen.

Tensor Cores present on RTX graphics cards power the new SDK. It enables things like virtual greenscreens, style filters, and augmented reality effects similar to those used by broadcast networks without the need for additional equipment.

The most interesting new effect is RTX Greenscreen, which removes the background of a stream in real-time, leaving only the streamer. Nvidia says the RTX Greenscreen AI “understands which part of an image is human and which is background, so gamers get the benefits of a greenscreen without needing to buy one.”

The AR and Style effects, meanwhile, will do things like allow you to layer 3D content onto a face or style your whole video feed to look like a chosen art style. The first ideas that come to mind are an Iron Man-style face overlay or real-time rotoscoping like we’ve seen in things like A Scanner, Darkly or the new Amazon Prime show Undone, but that is likely just scratching the surface.

Nvidia RTX Greenscreen

Nvidia will unveil RTX Greenscreen at TwitchCon in the next few days; the software will hit OBS in the coming months.

Another reason for RTX

The Broadcast Engine SDK could turn RTX cards into a powerful tool for streamers who don’t have space for a green screen setup or who want to get into streaming without buying a ton of equipment. For some, ray-traced effects don’t yet look like a significant improvement over rasterized ones. Many others are more interested in less graphics-intensive games in like Fortnite or Dota 2. It also seems like a way to make RTX 2060 cards, which struggle with raytracing, more appealing to a streaming audience.

The AR and stylized streams will require work from developers, whether it’s Nvidia, Twitch, Elgato, or someone else. RTX Greenscreen, on the other hand, seems like something we’ll see streaming apps adopting quickly once available.

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Don’t worry. No matter how frivolous or tenuous, nVidia will find a flimsy pretext to sell users on the idea that they NEED RTX cores. After all, how else can they sell all those flawed GPU cores designed for AI to home users?




Colton Westrate

Nice touch having the guy in the press image wear a green shirt.

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