AMD Ryzen CPUs to get microcode update this fall

It isn’t just how many semiconductors you have, it’s what you do with them. That’s how the saying goes, right? AMD is preparing to roll out a new microcode update soon according to hardware vendor MSI. This microcode, which tells the CPU how to operate at the most basic level, will have over 100 updates and improvements for Ryzen CPUs.

Word came out during the MSI Insider show on YouTube, where MSI Marketing Director Eric van Beurden also talked about the company’s upcoming X570 Unify motherboard. Skip to about 40 minutes in to see the particulars.

Once the microcode is ready, AMD will roll that out to the BIOS vendors which are responsible for updating the BIOS code. Those vendors then pass their updates to the motherboard manufacturers. The manufacturers will likely tune the updates to better suit their motherboard models before rolling the update out to the public.

AMD Ryzen 9 3000-series

MSI says the improvements aren’t just a matter of fixing bugs and problems, but also about adding features as well. The code will definitely apply to the current 3000-generation chips, but we’re hoping it’ll hit the previous Ryzen generations as well. AMD hasn’t said yet what these updates and improvements will do for the end-user. They could do anything from making the processor slightly more efficient, to helping the operating system figure out how best to use the many cores on the chips.

We’re hoping that AMD and BIOS manufacturers work through releasing the update soon. AMD has struggled with the gap between promises and reality when it comes to hitting Ryzen 3000 boost clocks, for example, so every little update will help the vendor ride the wave of goodwill it’s currently on.

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Yay! My 3700X awaits. Who knows, I may even welcome the AGESA updates that may come along by then. Or not…


It needs more glue…..


Why are you posting this just now? This has been covered by other sites last Friday.

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