Halo: Reach hits PC with anti-cheat mod option

There’s no question that games look best on PC, but some of the best games still start life on consoles. We’ve been waiting for Halo: Reach forever, and it’s finally here. Better yet, it has a cool feature built in to let players use mods without risking a ban from anti-cheat software.

A developer from 343 Industries explained how this works over on the Halo subreddit.

“We’re still working to improve [mod support] down the road, but for now you will have an option when you launch to bypass anticheat. This will allow you to play around with campaign and customs but will not allow you to play any match-made games,” the developer explained. In other words, you can play alone and with friends, but you can’t hop online to buzz random players with any weird mods. The developer suggests backing up your Halo: Reach install just in case.

It’s not real mod support, but with that supposedly coming, it’s not a bad holdover and definitely a show of good faith from the developer toward the Halo series’ vibrant mod community.

Halo Reach for your Wallets

Halo: Reach is available right now on Steam, Xbox Game Pass, and the Windows Store. You can pick it up on its own for $10 or as part of the Master Chief Collection for $40 over on Steam. The collection includes just about everything else in the series short of Halo 5.

In addition to uncapped framerates, the PC version offers up PC-specific features like 4K resolution, ultra-wide and adaptive sync support, FOV customization, and more. Features like Forge and Theater aren’t implemented yet but are coming in 2020, with the promise of “millions of community-created maps and game types” making the jump from Xbox 360 to PC.

The team at 343 is still working through some bugs, including input lag in the co-op campaign and uncapped framerates, but has been responsive on the subreddit with regard to fixes so far.

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Its so bad. Like a cheap shooter from the first part of the century. 😉

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