news boneworks becomes steams top seller and reaches 60th most concurrent players on release day

Boneworks becomes Steam’s top seller and reaches 60th most concurrent players on launch day

Valve released its Index VR system back in June of this year. While the Index headset and base-stations improve upon those of the HTC Vive, the Index controllers, known as the Knuckles Controllers while in development, are almost a complete separation from the baton-like controllers of the Vive. The Index controllers fasten securely to your hands and individually track your fingers, effectively transmitting your hands into virtual space. Many developers have added full support for these new controllers to their games. However, Boneworks seems to be the first game developed from the ground up with the Index controllers in mind to hit virtual store shelves, with Half-Life Alyx not far behind.

The combination of the Index’s finger tracking with Boneworks‘ extensive physics system is a potent package, as the game’s successful launch day demonstrated. Boneworks was the number one selling game on Steam on its day of release. The game also managed to climb up Steam’s concurrent player count ladder, reaching 60th place at 1:45 PT, according to UploadVR. The game’s peak of 8,717 concurrent players is almost double of Beat Saber‘s all time peak of 4,472. It likely won’t be till the release of Half-Life Alyx that a VR title overcomes the new record set by Boneworks.

7 responses to “Boneworks becomes Steam’s top seller and reaches 60th most concurrent players on launch day

  1. Not surprised, probably the best VR game made so far, the physics implementation is pretty impressive. It makes you feel like your body is in that world when almost everything you touch has weight and momentum behind it.

  2. i should say that i basically don’t game anymore. Between school work, volunteer work, husband duties, and parenting i have like 0 time to play video games.

  3. I still use it to talk with people, play the games I already own on it, and occasionally buy something. EGS and Game Pass cover most of my gaming time now.

    I’d need to switch to contacts to easily use VR and I can’t be bothered, so I guess Alyx can stay in 2004.

  4. I also skip steam these days. Xbox/pc Game pass has a ton of surprisingly good games, and I haven’t opened steam in literally months. My kids play on it sometimes, but I haven’t used it.

  5. Glad to see that Boneworks is doing well. I had been following its development. Can’t wait to play it (after the holiday season assault on my bank account has passed).

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