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Nvidia’s next-gen Ampere GPUs 50% faster, half as hungry

[Update: This article initially used ‘power’ to indicate card performance. We’ve updated the article with clearer wording.]

Nvidia is set to unveil its next-gen GPUs, code-named Ampere, in 2020. We’ll most likely see them in the second half of the year if rumors are accurate. Some estimates of the upcoming chip’s capabilities are coming out. According to a report from the Taipei times, we could see substantial jumps in performance and efficiency in the Ampere generation of [amazon_textlink asin=’B07MJDBTD5′ text=’Nvidia GPU’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’techreport09-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’ea6af59d-b0de-46e2-a382-8a4d8ec970b2′]s.

According to a note from Yuanta Securities Investment Consulting, Ampere will see a 50% increase in performance over the current Turing generation, but will also consume half as much power as Turing. The jump comes from the switch to this new Ampere architecture and to the new 7-nm manufacturing node (compared to Turing’s 12-nm process). That’s something like a 3x increase in performance-per-watt.

Nvidia Turing GPU

Exactly where we’ll see these performance increases remains to be seen. It seems likely that we’ll see a lot of that focus put on the RT cores that handle the raytracing aspects of these new cards since Nvidia is pushing that technology hard, but at least some of it will go towards overall performance, too, so you can get that [email protected] performance you’ve been craving.

Ampere’s performance boost is good business

The detail comes as part of a much larger article, though. Yuanta Securities isn’t concerned with how powerful the card is, but how it’ll affect the many Taiwan-based PC component manufacturers. After weak sales last year, the firm expects sales to rebound, with companies like MSI, Gigabyte, and Asustek expected to see benefits. Gaming-related sales make up 60% of MSI’s income, while it accounts for about 30% of Gigabyte and Asustek’s sales.

Tom’s Hardware notes that the SIGGRAPH conference in July could be a candidate for Ampere’s launch, but Nvidia hasn’t offered any clues just yet. While this 50% boost is an up-to number, it suggests that this next generation of graphics cards could be very exciting to witness.

16 responses to “Nvidia’s next-gen Ampere GPUs 50% faster, half as hungry

  1. You managed to use a lot of words and still say nothing. Well done. Welcome to the internet, here’s your participation award. Next time, think before posting.

  2. No, he means power. A car that weighs 2000lb with an engine that produces 250 horsepower will accelerate faster than a 6000lb car that has 375 even though one car has 50% more power; it does result in a higher top speed, but won’t translate to a 50% higher top speed either.

    Power very rarely will translate to exact performance, and if your issue is an autistic need for specific wording: he differentiated his meaning of ‘power’ by saying “consume”… making anybody with a brain realize that he’s now talking about power consumption.

    Using the same word twice in a sentence doesn’t always make it wrong and/or redundant.

  3. Yes. Considering most rt games run at 100fps but only at 60fps with rt enabled. That means the rt bottleneck can be alleviated by doubling on RT cores.

  4. Always a good plan — buying on hype may work for stocks, but it’s lousy for gear.

  5. Those numbers sound realistic to me. But is 2x raytracing speedup enough, I wonder.

  6. I want to see progress on the raytracing hardware mostly, show me cool lighting. Almost bought a 2060 Super just the other day, but decided to hold the “big” spending until the second round of raytracing hardware. (Got a RX5500 instead.)

  7. I’ll wait until the actual silicon is here. I suspect it is really just 50% more energy efficient than Turing (RTX mode) with some architecture improvements (the cited ~2x performance improvement is only for RTX mode) while rasterization performance improvement will be closer to 10-30%.

  8. OK, so “50% increase in power” is supposed to represent a 50% improvement in IPC? Or a maximum of 50% increase in speed over previous products within acceptable thermals? Does the 50% power improvement mean at existing clocks? Or is that improvement observed at superior clocks?

    Forgive my skepticism but there are lots of ways to make words weaselly in the long run up to a new architecture’s release.

  9. Ampere will see a 50% increase in power over the current Turing generation, but will also consume half as much power as Turing

    Let’s see, power use will increase 50% over Turing, but somehow be half of Turing?

    Did you mean to say 50% increase in *performance* and half the power of Turing?

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