Oculus Go price cut permanently

Oculus is now on its second generation of consumer VR headsets. The company has replaced its original Rift headset with the Rift S and introduced the Oculus Quest. The Rift S requires connection to a VR-ready PC, while the Quest provides a comparable experience to PC VR in a self-contained package. However, the Quest isn’t Oculus’ first self-contained VR headset.

The Oculus Go ran alongside the original Rift as its portable counterpart. While the Rift is no longer available, Oculus has not discontinued the Go. The Go is limited in capability, compared to the Quest, and so fills a different niche. The Go acts as Oculus’ entry point into VR, offering consumers the ability to experience VR without dropping the big bucks for a full VR gaming system.

The headset has received a new price that more accurately reflect its role. The 32GB version has been cut from $200 to $150, while the 64GB version now goes for $200, down from $250. $150 is a pretty reasonable price to pay for VR, compared to the $400 price tag of the Rift S and 64GB Quest. That said, those interested in VR gaming should consider purchasing the Quest within the next few days, as Oculus is currently bundling all three episodes of Vader Immortal with Quests purchased before 8:59 pm PST on January 31st. The episodes will have to be purchased separately for $30 after that point.

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The new one must be coming.


VR will always remain a niche like any dedicated gaming peripheral.

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