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AMD fans: watch out for counterfeit Wraith Prism coolers

If you’re in the market for a new AMD cooler, keep your eyes open for fakes, AMD says. A supposed new AMD Wraith Prism cooler showed up on XFastest, but AMD says this cooler is a counterfeit you should avoid it.

AMD Wraith Prism Counterfeit Cooler via XFastest
Photo credit: XFastest

AMD says that these counterfeit “third-party coolers using six heat pipes that are designed to look like an official [amazon_textlink asin=’B07GKRR5WR’ text=’AMD Wraith Prism’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’techreport09-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’52b58d39-fe7e-4944-8704-4d982a2ff484′] solution” are hitting the market with “illegitimate use of AMD branding.” The company obviously has not tested these six-pipe coolers and can’t promise that they’ll work. Official AMD Wraith Prism coolers feature four heat pipes instead of the six on the counterfeit cooler.

AMD Wraith Prism Cooler - OfficialPhoto credit: AMD

It’s not surprising that anyone mistook these coolers for the real thing. They look really good. The additional heat pipe is integrated well into AMD’s existing design; the cooler is obviously professionally manufactured. Whether they have any additional cooling element inside them is unknown, and how they perform is a big question mark. AMD is looking into the matter.

AMD writes:

“We are actively investigating the source of these products and will take necessary actions to enforce our rights to ensure users receive genuine AMD products. If you have any questions about the origin of the cooler, please verify the solution [on the official AMD Wraith Prism product page].” Cooler Master makes the Wraith Prism for AMD, but has not yet commented on the matter.

5 responses to “AMD fans: watch out for counterfeit Wraith Prism coolers

  1. You source out the production to China and while you sleep they run their factory making extra copies to them.

  2. I’ve read speculation that these were to be the bundled cooler for the 3950X before AMD decided to release that without one.

  3. Yeah, the whole thing is baffling. It is possible that the counterfeiters have cut corners on build quality (enabling them to manufacture them more cheaply), but based on the pictures that have been posted they look pretty good.

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