news half life alyx launching on march 23

Half-Life: Alyx launching on March 23

Back in September, we reported that Half-Life: Alyx, Valve’s own full VR title, would hit digital shelves in March 2020. 2020 is now the present year, and March is fast-approaching. Many gamers are eager to get their virtual fingers on the new Half-Life game, but haven’t known when exactly that opportunity will be available to them. However, Valve has finally announced the game’s release date as March 23.

That said, it is widely known that “Valve Time” often does not straightforwardly align with actual time, and no one seems to have determined a way to reliable convert one to the other, so we’ll have to see whether the two align this time. In the mean time, you can play the rest of the Half-Life series for free. There’s also a 10% pre-purchase discount off Half-Life: Alyx‘s $60 launch price.

However, those who have purchased a Valve Index will receive the game for free. Valve announced that Index owners will begin seeing other Alyx pre-order bonuses in the first week of March, starting with “Steam VR Home environments inspired by locations in Half-Life: Alyx.” Valve also posted shots of a few of those locations, which you can see below.

3 responses to “Half-Life: Alyx launching on March 23

  1. When HL2 came out people said nobody could run it.

    The game was rated one of the best of all time and the engine still powers CounterStrike and DOTA2, a couple of the biggest games in the world today.

    Odd are Valve is right and foot draggers are wrong again.

  2. ………I mean…..It has been a long time since HalfLife was big, however, the issue I see with Alyx is the fact it is VR only. So not only is there the “HalfLife? What is that?” problem, there is the “Wait, now I have to buy a headset too?” problem.

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