news valve counts to three with half life alyx gameplay footage

Valve counts to three with Half-Life: Alyx gameplay footage

Last month, we reported that Half-Life: Alyx, Valve’s full VR title, will launch on March 23rd. Despite being the third Half-Life game, the game’s title doesn’t help dispel the belief that Valve can’t count to three. However, yesterday, Valve drew attention to the fact that the game’s release date was exactly three weeks out. The company also counted to three with three new gameplay videos, which can be seen below.

One of the questions surrounding Half-Life: Alyx has been what kind of VR locomotion the game will utilize. Valve, as an innovator in the VR space, has the opportunity to show the way forward for future VR games, perhaps with a creative new form of locomotion that is both immersive and not nausea-inducing. However, it seems from the footage that Valve has opted to let players select from the standard locomotion techniques.

Teleportation is used in the first and third videos, while the second shows off smooth joystick movement. There could still be a new locomotion option yet to be seen, so here’s hoping.

Half-Life: Alyx is free for those who have purchased the Valve Index, and as of today, Index owners can visit two SteamVR Home locations drawn from Half-Life: Alyx environments. Index owners can also invite other SteamVR users to visit these locations. If you want to see more of Half-Life: Alyx prior to its launch, IGN has published a nine minute gameplay video. Additionally, the rest of the Half-Life series is free to play until the launch of Alyx.

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  1. Throw in mouse support, and you’ve got a game you still can’t play, because the game mechanics are mostly built around picking up and using phyical objects with your virtual hands.

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