GDC Summer 2020 announced after cancellation of this month’s conference

The Game Developers Conference, GDC, was originally set to take place this week. However, going forward with the conference with COVID-19 on the loose would be unwise, so the event had to be cancelled. GDC, among other things, is a place for game developers to show off their new games. Fortunately, Steam is helping facilitate that activity in GDC’s absence with its game festival.

That said, GDC involves more than game demos, which is the extent of the Steam Game Festival. GDC is also a place for talks, round table discussions, and networking. The organizers behind GDC still want to host these activities, so they’ve announced GDC Summer 2020. The event is set to take place at the Moscone Center in San Francisco from August fourth through the sixth. Passes for the event will go at a discounted rate until July tenth. Here’s hoping COVID-19 won’t rain on this parade as well.

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