news samsung will cease lcd production by the end of 2020

Samsung will cease its LCD production by the end of 2020

According to a report by Reuters, Samsung Display plans to stop producing liquid crystal display (LCD) panels by the end of 2020. The company operates a total of four LCD production lines, two at factories in South Korea and the other two at LCD-only factories in China. Samsung reportedly suspended production of LCD panels at one of its South Korean factories back in October, citing declining demand and supply over-saturation as the reasons for the suspension. Nonetheless, the company stated the following:

We will supply ordered LCDs to our customers by the end of this year without any issues.

This report comes after a Reuters report in January that LG Display, another South Korean panel maker, would cease domestic production of LCD TV panels by the end of 2020. Both display manufacturers intend to shift focus to OLED displays. According to a ZDNet report from last October, Samsung plans to invest $11 billion into Quantum dot LED displays over the next five years. Samsung’s current QLED displays are still LCD panels, so we expect that Samsung intends to manufacture “QD-OLED” panels. The investment will primarily go into converting one of the company’s South Korean LCD lines into a QD-OLED manufacturing facility. However, the Samsung representative who spoke to Reuters said that the company does not currently have a plan for it’s LCD-only factories in China after they cease production.

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  1. According to The Verge:

    Samsung told The Verge that it does not expect the shutdown to affect its LCD-based QLED TV lineup.

    So, seems they’re carring on with that as normal anyway, and this is… just about winding down manufacture of basic LCD monitor panels?

  2. Ah, apologies. Hadn’t heard of QD-OLED.
    Looks like another cunning trick to avoid non-uniform OLED aging, could be good!

  3. That’s my bad; I got the terminology mixed up. QLEDs are LCD displays, but Samsung is investing in “QD-OLED” displays.

  4. Samsung plans to invest $11 billion into Quantum dot LED

    Urmm… I was under the impression QLED *is* LCD.

    When are people going to stop going along with Samsung’s insistence on pretending LCD backlight techologies are more than LCD backlight technologies?

    If anything, Samsung have been dragging their heels with OLED compared to a bunch of other manufacturers, presumably *because* they’re so good at pretending QLED is something other than a fancy backlight behind a conventional LCD panel.

  5. “Doesn’t have a plan for them” == quietly reducing operations in China?

    There’s been some speculation that China’s questionable handling of the Coronavirus outbreak would lead to reductions in FDI.

  6. Nice try Samsung but it works way better when you announce that you are going to make the LCDs, then keep everyone in the dark about them, and then cancel them after everybody stopped caring.

    Keep it classy Sammy!

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