news t mobile and sprint merger officially complete ceo steps down

T-Mobile and Sprint merger officially complete, CEO steps down

Back in April of 2018, T-Mobile and Sprint announced that they had entered into a merger agreement, and a couple months later, they filed with the FCC, seeking approval of the merger. Over a year later, the merger was approved by the Justice Department, then later the FCC, granted that the companies could settle the lawsuits filed by the attorney generals of multiple states against the merger. Earlier this year, a US district judge ruled in T-Mobile and Sprint’s favor, leaving only the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) in the way of the merger. Last month, the CPUC issued a proposal (PDF) to approve the merger, though the proposal will not be voted on until April 16th, a the earliest. Nonetheless, the deal merging Sprint into T-Mobile officially closed on April 1st. T-Mobile’s CEO, John Leger, announced at the same time that he would be stepping down, making Mike Sievert, the company’s COO, the new CEO.

Even though the merger has officially taken place, there will be no immediate effects for regular T-Mobile and Sprint customers. However, in order to get the approval of the Justice Department, T-Mobile agreed to sell Sprint’s Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobil to Dish in the hopes that Dish will become another strong competitor in the phone carrier space. Over the next six years, T-Mobile plans to fully merge and expand the T-Mobile and Sprint networks into a unified 5G network that will reach ninety-nine percent of the US population. T-Mobile is also slated to build out a home wireless internet service with 100Mbps speeds for ninety percent of the US population.

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  1. Instead of turning your phone off, just put it on do not disturb. All that does is turn off the ringer. That way you don’t have the notification come back.

  2. Oh no that’s why my T-Mobile phone is going crazy with the voice mail notification that never disappears even though I’ve never had voicemail or set up a voice mail password on my legacy T-mobile paygo account that came with an old Samsung GSM(Radio Band) only Feature OS flip phone. So now I’ve had to not only move from the much loved Samsung Feature flip phone to a somewhat hated Samsung ON5(Android for the hate) smartphone, just to get the LTE/G4 connectivity(GSM radio bands are no longer used for phones in the US), I’ve got to find a way to get rid of that annoying voice mail notification even though I’ve never had voice mail enabled or set up and even after I uninstalled the phone’s voice mail app.

    Every time I turn the ON5 off, to avoid the ROBO-calls when I’m in the shower, and turn it back on again that damn notification reappears, and I really love the old Feature/Flip Phone’s Dumb OSs that were less like Android’s pain in the Tuchus! And really I only want a phone to make and receive voice phone calls and only texts messages from my carrier(T-Mobile). Android really needs a dumb phone Old Man mode where with one setting it’s all dumbed down, Feature Phone OS style, and all that Android WiFi, Bluetooth, other attack vector stuff disabled(No Apps needed).

    I want my Grumpy Old Man Feature Phone Dumb OS existence back and less of a Android security nightmare arrangement! Now Get off of my LAWN, Google!

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