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In the lab: Corsair’s Dark Core RGB Pro gaming mouse

We previously reported that Corsair had updated its Scimitar RGB gaming mouse and given it the “Elite” moniker. This month, Corsair is refreshing yet another mouse. We reviewed Corsair’s Dark Core RGB SE wireless gaming mouse, alongside the K63 Wireless keyboard and lapboard combo, back in May of 2018. The Dark Core RGB was the company’s first go at wireless gaming mice, so we weren’t too surprised to find the presence of some input lag. Fortunately, Corsair didn’t give up on wireless mice and improved its 2.4 GHz wireless technology. Corsair’s Harpoon RGB Wireless and Ironclaw RGB Wireless seemed to perform flawlessly in 2.4 GHz mode.

Corsair is now bringing its improved wireless tech to the Dark Core RGB with the introduction of the Dark Core RGB Pro. Corsair has cut the wireless delay from 1ms to sub-1ms with its Slipstream Wireless technology. If our experience with Corsair’s past two wireless mice is any indication, the Dark Core RGB Pro should perform virtually identically to how it does in wired mode. The Pro is also equipped with Bluetooth, which Corsair claims is low-latency, but, given our past experience, it’s unlikely that the mouse performs as well in Bluetooth mode.

Corsair has also addressed another notable complaint we had regarding the original Dark Core. The forward and back buttons on the original mouse were part of a ring of plastic that surrounded the sniper button. The forward and back buttons in this configuration felt shallow and awkward to use with the sniper button separating them. The new Dark Core RGB Pro has done away with the interrupting sniper button and replaced the old side buttons with more standard forward and back buttons that look to have significantly more travel.

Lastly, Corsair has swapped out the PixArt PMW3367 sensor in the old mouse for a PAW3392 unit. The old sensor was fantastic, but the new one seems to be one of PixArt’s new sensors optimized to draw less power for use in wireless gaming mice. PixArt’s PMW33xx lineup has been the best in the market for awhile now, so we hope the new PAW33xx lineup is just as good.

We’ve got one of these rodents here in Damage Labs and are putting it through its paces. It’s always exciting to test a new iteration of a product we previously tested when the new version has improvements that directly address our prior complaints. Look out for our review in the coming days.

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