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AMD’s Ryzen 4000-series chips probably aren’t delayed

I’ve told a few friends in the last few weeks that if they’re thinking about upgrading their computers, that they should wait for this fall when an absolute ton of new hardware launches. But now, there are rumors floating around that AMD could delay its Ryzen 4000-series Zen 3 CPUs to 2021. Is there anything to that?

Insofar as anything is possible and we aren’t high-level AMD employees, we can’t say anything for sure. However, this rumor seems pretty unlikely.

Here’s what’s going on. Digitimes reports that AMD is launching its 4000-series CPUs in 2021, delaying them from the intended September launch window.  Digitimes cites strong demand for Ryzen 3000 CPUs and a lack of competition from Intel. They say that the tech is done, but that AMD doesn’t have reason enough to release it.

That doesn’t really check out, though. AMD’s tech is done and the company has consistently said that Zen 3 is on track for 2020, both in direct statement and implication. AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su confirmed not even two months ago that Zen 3 is on track for 2020, and surprise delays on major releases without good cause is a big no-no that can lead to investigations and investor protest. Further, the whole kerfuffle around AMD supporting Zen 3 chips on its 400-series motherboard chipsets is dependent on the fact that these chips are coming in 2020 and thus part of a previous promise from the company.

Consider past reporting

AMD Zen CPU Roadmap

There’s also the fact that Digitimes is generally not considered the most reputable source. The site recently asserted that AMD was making a last-minute shift to a 5-nm process for its Ryzen 4000-series CPUs, when AMD’s own investor slides (PDF via Forbes) from this very month say otherwise–AMD is sticking with a 7-nm process for Zen 3, at least to start with.

One Redditor suggested that one possible take on this could be that AMD plans to release Milan, the codename for its High-Performance Computing CPUs, this year, fulfilling its investor promise, and Vermeer, the mainstream chips, in 2021, but AMD’s own presentation seems to dispute that idea, too.

It’s not impossible that AMD could delay its Zen 3 chips into 2021, but it seems highly unlikely that AMD would make a move like this with the rumored release just a couple months out and no real reason to do so in sight.

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  1. I don’t think AMD would pass up the chance to hurt Intel while the latter’s wounds are still fresh and raw with copious amounts of oozing pus 😛

  2. Stop taking half-measures AMD!
    Do not delay that which can be…. CANCELED!
    See Derfunk! I finally got Strikethrough working with this updated comment box!

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