Microsoft acquires IoT security startup CyberX

Back in May, Microsoft seemed close to closing on a purportedly $165 million deal to acquire CyberX, an Israeli cybersecurity startup. Earlier this week, both Microsoft and CyberX published press releases announcing that the acquisition has officially taken place. However, the monetary details of the deal were not revealed.

CyberX specializes in offering security solutions for IoT (Internet of Things) devices. The CyberX platform will be integrated with Microsoft’s Azure IoT stack, Azure Security Center for IoT, and Azure sentinel. According to the CyberX press release, this integration will result in the first security information and event management (SIEM) system with native IoT support. The Microsoft press release states that the acquisition will help solve two challenges of IoT management and security:

  1. Giving customers visibility into what IoT devices are already connected to their networks.
  2. Managing the security on existing IoT devices (referred to as “brownfield devices”) that have been historically difficult due to a myriad of custom protocols.
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2 months ago

Another independent one gets assimilated.

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