Microsoft’s first-party Xbox Series X showcase kicks off July 23

With 2020 being what it is, games are weird this year along with everything else. We have no E3, so publishers are revealing games and console information at their own unique paces, rather than trying to pack it into three days of June. While Microsoft and Sony are still playing a game of chicken with their console prices and release dates, both companies are showing off games. Microsoft’s third-party game show was weird and disappointing–especially in comparison to Sony’s impressive showing in June–but the company is set to show off its first party games for the Xbox Series X later this month.

Xbox Series X game showcase: Date and Time

Microsoft’s game showcase will kick off at 9AM PST/12PM EST on Thursday, July 23. This is the show where we’re expecting Microsoft to show off its biggest games. Halo Infinite, the next entry in Microsoft’s massive Halo series, will headline. Developer 343 Studios confirmed as much in blog posts. Also likely on the docket is the next Forza Motorsport game; the company hasn’t released a Motorsport entry since 2017.

Meanwhile, Forza Horizon dev Playground Games is working on an open-world fantasy title rumored to be a revival of the Fable franchise. Unconfirmed rumors suggest that Microsoft studio The Initiative is working on a Perfect Dark game. We’re pretty sure Psychonauts 2, by Microsoft-owned developer Double Fine, and Grounded from Obsidian Entertainment will be there, too.

Many of these games should show off the capabilities of the Xbox Series X, which include 12 TFLOPs of graphical horsepower (as vague a number as that is these days), hardware-accelerated ray tracing, and an NVMe SSD storage solution. The system packs a Zen 2-based CPU and RDNA2 GPU provided by AMD, similar to that of the PlayStation 5, though each has differing features that should make them interesting to compare in the coming months.

They won’t show their entire hand

With that said, it’s worth noting that VentureBeat reporter Jeff Grubb, who accurately reported the date of this Microsoft show some weeks ago, says that Microsoft and Sony are holding things back to announce later this year, closer to launch, so some of these titles may not show up at this showcase.  After a couple years of acquisitions, Microsoft has a whole bunch of sudios under its belt with a variety of games in development. There are a total of 15 Xbox Game Studios teams working on games for the system.

This show is also of interest to those of us on the PC side, of course, because Xbox Game Studios launch day and date on PC. That means that every game at this show will be playable by those of us with modern graphics cards. We’re not betting on Microsoft giving us a price, though. Announcing its price first bit Microsoft hard with the Xbox One, and the company likely doesn’t want to lose on that front a second time. The company also, as Grubb’s tweet suggests, is likely planning more than one event and wants to save some of that information for later.

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2 years ago

Really curious as to what MS do about the price… I like the idea of abandoning console generations in favor of more incremental upgrades, so They could sell the Series X for a high price, planning on rounds of cuts and releasing a faster version every year. But do they want to announce that before Sony make their bed?
Also, looking forward to the PC gaming side of things. Refreshing to see MS give that market some love.

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