Google secures Stadia exclusivity deals with three more developers

Google recently held its Stadia Connect event as part of the Summer Game Fest initiative, which also includes Ubisoft Forward and Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox Games Showcase. During the event, Google announced that it has partnered with three game development studios to bring new games to Stadia under the Stadia Games and Entertainment name.

The first of these studios is Harmonix, the group responsible for the Guitar Hero and Rock Band series. The second game studio mentioned is Supermassive Games, the team behind Until Dawn. Lastly, Stadia Games and Entertainment will be working with Uppercut Games, a studio that started out developing mobile games, but has shifted to making games for PC and console. Google touts the studio’s creativity and immersive storytelling chops, which are on display in Submerged. According to the Stadia Connect recap blogpost, Google will soon be sharing further details concerning what these three development studios have in store for Stadia.

Google also showed off the launch trailer for Orcs Must Die! 3, a game developed by Robot Entertainment. The game was previously announced to be a Stadia exclusive and is the first game to launch under the Stadia Games and Entertainment name. However, Robot Entertainment’s CEO, Patrick Hudson, stated on the game’s subreddit that it will be a timed exclusive, so it’ll come to other platforms later on.

The final exclusive covered by Stadia Connect was Outcasters, a playful multiplayer shooter developed by Splash Damage. The studio revealed earlier this year that was working with the Stadia team on a new exclusive title, but no further details were given at that time. The upcoming game was finally unveiled during Stadia Connect with an announcement trailer.

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Star Brood
Star Brood
2 years ago

I wonder how much Google is paying these developers for exclusive rights, just to support the three users who use Stadia.

Google always cancels useful things like Reader and Inbox, so I hope they will do the smart thing for once and cancel this actually useless thing.

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