Intel to talk about Xe GPU architecture August 13

Intel is planning to reveal details of its Xe graphics architecture next month, on August 13, according to a now-deleted tweet from the @IntelGraphics Twitter account.

Credit: Tom’s Hardware

“You’ve waited. You’ve wondered. We’ll deliver. In 20 days, expect more details on Xe graphics,” the tweet, captured by TomsHardware, said. Despite the Tweet’s disappearance, TH thinks the date is still accurate and that we can expect more Xe info when the promised day arrives.

Complicating this is just how broad the Xe architecture is. Xe encompasses everything in Intel graphics from integrated GPUs, through discrete “gaming” GPUs, up through HPC¬†GPUs meant for use in data centers, akin to Nvidia’s A100.

TechPowerUp notes that the reveal is timed closely with the launch of Tiger Lake, which will be Intel’s commercial debut of its Xe integrated GPUs. The site also notes that a recent comment during Intel’s Q2 2020 financial call suggests Intel’s struggles with its 7-nm process may not affect the Xe discrete GPUs. The company announced that it is pushing back its 7-nm-based CPU products by about six months due to silicon yields not hitting expectations. The Xe discrete GPUs, though, may go through the same third-party silicon foundries as AMD and Nvidia, such as TSMC and Samsung. The company has reportedly considered similar moves for some time.

The GPU Landscape is changing

The graphics landscape is mighty strange right now. AMD is getting ready to launch its RDNA 2 GPUs ahead of the release of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Nvidia, meanwhile, has its RTX 30-series Ampere cards on the way, but these cards reportedly use a new 12-pin power connector. Intel has struggled to maintain ground with consumers as AMD continues to launch new CPUs that are competitive in both price and speed, while Nvidia’s dominance in graphics and HPC only continues to grow. A strong launch by Intel into the GPU space could give it some footing as it launches into every level of computing and gives both Team Red and Team Green some much-needed competition.

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Casual Visitor
Casual Visitor
2 months ago

Dear Intel,
Please release a product which, in some way, keeps graphics card prices down.
You don’t need to win this race. Currently, you don’t seem interested in winning certain other races. That’s okay. I’m not here to judge.
Just keep those graphics card prices down with something that vaguely resembles competition.

Al Bundy
Al Bundy
1 month ago
Reply to  Casual Visitor

this. extremely tired of ngreedia and price gouging.

2 months ago

Good news! (For real this time)

The Murth mobile has left Intel:

He was an import from Qualcomm and unlike Raja, he was a…. questionable addition. It looks like 7nm getting canceled was enough for him to be canceled too.

2 months ago
Reply to  chuckula

(For real this time)…right… I laughed.

2 months ago

Oh we’ll talk alright.
We always talk.

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