Nvidia almost definitely teasing Ampere announcement

A friend recently came to me for advice on picking parts for a computer he wanted to build. I begged him to wait. Why? New hardware is just around the corner. Case in point–we’ll likely know more about Nvidia’s new consumer cards in just under three weeks based on changes to the company’s Twitter account.

Nvidia updated its profile image with a picture including the text “The #UltimateCountdown. 21 Days. 21 Years.”

As TechPowerUp notes, August 31–which was 21 days away when Nvidia made the change yesterday–marks the GeForce brand’s 21st anniversary. Nvidia launched first GeForce graphics card, the GeForce 256, on August 31, 1999. The Twitter profile also says “Look back before looking forward.”

We’re betting the next few weeks will be full of posts from Nvidia looking back at the countless graphics cards that came between the 256 and the upcoming 3000-series cards (or whatever they name them if not 3080, etc.).

All kinds of hardware

This fall looks to be a big one for hardware. Not only is Nvidia most likely launching its new line of graphics cards, but AMD has a long-awaited update to its own GPUs. As Nvidia brings along its second generation of raytracing cards with the Ampere family of GPUs, AMD will launch its RDNA2-powered GPUs. These cards, like Nvidia’s, will feature real-time raytracing along with presumed features like variable rate shading and mesh shading. AMD and Intel both have new CPUs on he way, and Sony and Microsoft are prepping the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S for launch.

In other words, Ampere is just one reason among many to wait a couple months to build a PC. Right now, we only have spec speculation and power rumors to go off of. It’s likely, though, that we’ll know a lot more in a few weeks when Nvidia gets chatty.

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Vishal Suvagia
Vishal Suvagia
1 month ago

The video puts an impression like Ampere could put forth a big bang for the Graphics-verse.
Or its ready to be banged on the desk by all 😛

1 month ago


1 month ago

Jokes on you nvidia! By canceling our GPUs we are offering zero resistance so your ampere launch will have no voltage at all!

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