EA Access and Origin Access to be rebranded as EA Play

Electronic Arts (EA) has published a press release announcing that it will be rebranding its game subscription service as EA Play. The service is currently split into two different versions: Origin Access on PC and EA Access on PS4 and Xbox One. However, on Tuesday, August 18th, they will merge into EA Play. Origin Access and EA Access subscribers won’t lose any benefits as a result of this change. According to the press release, EA actually plans to add more benefits in the coming months.

What the press release doesn’t make clear is whether the pricing is liable to change. Both Origin Access and EA Access currently costs $5 a month each, though on PC you can up that to $15 a month for Origin Access Premiere. This more expensive option will continue on as EA Play Pro, but it still remains to be seen whether either tier of EA Play will depart from the current payment plan.

EA also announced that its annual live event, EA Play, will be renamed EA Play Live. Lastly, it’s worth making note of last week’s announcement that EA Access will soon be coming to Steam. Presumably, the name change will carry over to Steam as well.

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2 years ago

It is getting cold in here. Methinks, this is brought on by the potential threat of EGS.

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