Creative aims for graphics, buys 3DLabs

Hard to believe, but Creative has purchased workstation graphics maker 3DLabs, according to news stories this morning. 3DLabs has been instrumental in creating the next generation of OpenGL, bringing what sounds like a very solid approach to integrating shaders and the like. Now the SoundBlaster people have assumed control, and they'll no doubt want to use 3DLabs technology in consumer products at some point.

Why would I say that? Well, there this from the press release:

“We see great opportunities to leverage 3Dlabs' high-end professional market leadership into higher volume PC desktop products that satisfy power gamers' insatiable demand for faster graphics,” said Sim Wong Hoo, Chairman and CEO of Creative. “We have analyzed 3Dlabs' forthcoming products and technology roadmap and we believe that their development of a scalable visual processing architecture with new levels of programmability and flexibility will provide a significant competitive advantage in the graphics space. The technological breakthroughs that 3Dlabs has achieved to date, coupled with the strong market we see for high-performance graphics processors, provide a tremendous growth opportunity for our company.”
This should be fun. Look out, NVIDIA and ATI.
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