accessiBe is Making Businesses More Accessible on Autopilot

Website accessibility is a serious concern for businesses of all sizes. More than a billion people in the world have some form of disability. One in four adults in the USA have a disability. These disabled individuals spend well over half-trillion dollars a year. It is a huge market that is mostly untapped.

However, businesses have failed to reach disabled people and have failed to deliver. An analysis of 10,000,000 web pages revealed that 98% of them have at least one accessibility issue. Having an inaccessible website doesn’t just make you lose money and potential customers, but you can be sued and end up being in court.

Your website must be ADA, Section 508, and WCAG compliant to avoid getting into legal issues. In simple words, your website must be fully accessible and in case of an issue, any disabled individual can file a lawsuit. More than 11,000 web accessibility lawsuits were filed in 2019 and the number is rising each year.

A famous example is a class action lawsuit filed by Cedric Bishop on Amazon. Bishop is visually impaired and was unable to access via screen reader. He filed a lawsuit claiming that the ecommerce site isn’t accessible to visually impaired users. Maria Mendizabal filed a similar lawsuit against Nike claiming that the website isn’t accessible. She is legally blind and was unable to access Nike via screen reader due to missing alt text. She has asked for an injunction.

Making your website accessible is more important than ever. It helps you reach a wider target audience, increase revenue, and saves you lawsuits. How exactly can you make your website accessible and compliant without messing with the coding and design?


It makes your website accessible and ADA and WCAG compliant on full autopilot in a few hours without you having to lift your finger. Let’s dig deep and figure out how accessiBe can help you become fully web accessible.

What is accessiBe?

accessiBe is a web accessibility platform that helps businesses make their websites accessible automatically in less than two days. It doesn’t just make your website accessible to a basic level, it makes it ADA and WCAG compliant.

accessiBe is an easy-to-install solution that works fully automatically. You have to add a simple JavaScript code on your website and that’s all. The interface will be available on your website right away. Here is how it looks like:

Website visitors can access this interface by clicking the accessibility icon on your website. It allows visitors to select and customize an accessibility profile.

The best part: You don’t have to make any changes to your website at all. accessiBe’s artificial intelligence technology will scan your website and make it fully accessible and compliant. It will find and fix any issues such as button functionalities and structural elements. It needs a maximum of 48 hours to analyze your website for the first time.

And once your website is scanned and made accessible, the AI technology will scan your website once every 24 hours for changes and updates.

How accessiBe is Different Than Other Web Accessibility Solutions

There are two major types of web accessibility solutions available in the market that are accessiBe alternatives:

  1. Accessibility services
  2. Accessibility plugins

Accessibility services or manual remediation are way too expensive and take a lot of time for implementation. A project can take several weeks for initial implementation and then you’ll need regular maintenance that needs additional time. Since you work with a service provider, therefore, the scope of the project varies greatly. For example, you might only get website accessibility and your website won’t be ADA compliant.

Accessibility plugins like UserWay or User1st are free or low-cost WordPress and standalone plugins that make your website accessible but don’t comply with legislation. The problem with plugins is that they have a very low success rate making them least effective.

Comparing these two alternatives with accessiBe makes it the best choice as it is easy-to-use and install, requires no technical maintenance, is cost-effective, makes your website fully accessible and compliant, has a turnaround time of up to 48 hours, and has the highest success rate in the industry.

It works fully automatic and this is a reason why more than 50,000 leading brands are using accessiBe including BMW, Fiverr, Seiko and more.

Final Words

An accessible and compliant website is what your business needs to survive and excel in the current era. There are tons of benefits that your business enjoys when you have an accessible website that works for everyone without any restrictions.

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