To DVD+R or not to DVD+R?

In my recordable DVD review published yesterday, I discussed how it's not yet known whether Phlips' first generation drive will be firmware upgradeable to write to DVD+R. I hope to get an answer from Philips soon, but in the meantime, while perusing a Slashdot thread, I found this interesting link to a thread in the forums.

The thread discusses the fact that HP's first generation DVD+RW drive, the DVD100i, will apparently not be upgradeable to support DVD+R. From the forum post:

In a statement from HP's technical operations, "there are no plans to offer the DVD+R compatibility for this drive. HP will release other drives that support both the DVD+RW and DVD+R formats."
I'm sure this has a lot of DVD100i owners in a tizzy, particularly since HP apparently promised in earlier literature that the DVD100i would support DVD+R media when it was released.

Read a little farther, however and things get even more interesting. Another poster on the forum claims that she contacted HP regarding the misrepresentation and was sent a check for a full refund via Federal Express.

Depending on how much of this is true, this could result in either a lot of dissatisfied DVD100i owners, or a lot of large refund checks drawn from HP's banks. It will be interesting to see how this shakes out with the other DVD+RW manufacturers as well.

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