Consumer Inflation Expectations – Will Crypto Go Up After the Announcement?

As you may already know, the FED will announce its plan to tackle inflation later today. The increasing consumer prices and skyrocketing energy bills have already brought inflation almost to 10% on average, and if nothing is done, the prices will continue to surge indefinitely.

The situation looks dire, as the rate hikes happen just as crypto markets enter full recovery mode. The rising inflation has already damaged most markets, and the situation is slowly spilling into crypto markets. Today’s FED announcement is unlikely to stop the trend, but it might help speed up recovery. Let’s see what this could mean for the crypto markets.

FED’s Announcement And Crypto Markets

The FED’s interest rate hikes will probably increase after today’s announcement, pushing even more investors away from digital assets. If the stock markets dip, crypto markets are likely to follow. Judging from the previous rake hike in June this year, crypto markets could drop to new lows. The outcome largely depends on Bitcoin and Ethereum. If the FED signals more rate hikes throughout 2023, things aren’t looking good for the crypto markets. Many altcoins will lose liquidity and could experience a similar fate to LUNA coins. 

The good news is that some blockchain projects are proving resilient to the current situation. For example, the newest meme coin, Tamadoge, is reporting significant gains already, even though it’s still months away from the official release. Once it goes live, the platform is expected to become the highest-gainer in the crypto ecosystem this year.

Tamadoge – New Meme Coin with A Bright Future

The newest meme coin project, Tamadoge, seems to be completely resilient to the current economic situation. The platform is still in its infancy and a few months from the official launch. However, the number of new investors keeps growing every day, and Tamadoge quickly became the most promising cryptocurrency on the markets.

Unlike other popular meme coins, including Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, Tamadoge is the first meme coin with excellent token utilization. It’s also the first project in the niche set in a metaverse and built around features like Play-to-Earn mechanics, a native NFT store, and much more. Every detail is made according to the best industry practices, so it’s much more than a simple meme coin. 

For example, Tamadoge has much better tokenomics than all other meme coins. DOGE and SHIB have unlimited tokens in circulation and almost no utilization. On the other hand, Tamadoge has 2 billion pre-mined tokens. 50% is available in presale, 45% is locked for liquidity, while the remaining 5% will be burned. TAMA tokens are used for all transactions within the Tamaverse. 5% of all tokens used within a month will also be burned, while 65% will be given back to token holders through a reward system. The diminishing supply and the rising demand will likely lead to a constant price increase, setting TAMA tokens apart from most others on the market.

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TAMA Token Presale

The TAMA token presale has been one of the most successful presales this year. The project raised over $14.6 million months before schedule, selling almost all 1 billion tokens. The presale is still open, but there are less than 200 million TAMA tokens left., so you don’t have much time to secure a spot among the earliest investors. 

The original price for TAMA tokens was $0.01 per token, but due to the enormous interest, the platform is increasing its price after every 100 million tokens are sold. You can now get 36.36 TAMA tokens for 1 USDT, but the price will soon increase to 33.33 TAMA per 1 USDT. Tamadoge supports payments through debit/credit card and USDT or ETH. 

If you invest $100, you can also enter the $100,000 Tama token giveaway. The luckiest investor will be chosen randomly and will receive the entire prize. So join the hottest new crypto on the market, and watch your investment multiply steadily in the future.

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How to Buy TAMA?

Although the Tamadoge presale started only recently, investors worldwide have already done their part to capitalize on this incredible investment opportunity.

Check out this guide if you want to become a Tamadoge community member and potentially get rich by investing in Tamadoge. The step-by-step guide will explain each process in great detail, so make sure to read it carefully.

Once you complete all the steps, you’ll be a proud owner of your first Tamadoge token.  

Step 1 – Create a Crypto Wallet  

If you don’t already have one, you first need to create a crypto wallet to buy Tamadoge.  

Most wallets are simple to create and are completely free. With that said, we recommend that you go with MetaMask since it includes multi-chain support.  

Go to MetaMask’s official website, press “Download,” and follow the instructions to set it up.  

Step 2 – Buy ETH/USDT 

You can buy TAMA coins only through Ethereum (ETH) or Tether (USDT). Both of these cryptos can be acquired through the major crypto exchange platform.  

However, you also have the option to purchase ETH directly via credit/debit card on Tamadoge’s official presale platform.  

After you buy ETH/USDT, transfer the tokens into your crypto wallet.  

Step 3 – Connect the Crypto Wallet with Tamadoge’s Presale Platform  

Go to the official Tamadoge website and press ‘Buy.’  

Next, click on ‘Connect Wallet’ and pick your wallet provider. You’ll see a bunch of instructions pop up; follow them to finish the connection process.  

Step 4 – Purchase Tamadoge  

Type in the exact amount of TAMA coins that you want to buy (the minimum is 10,000) and press ‘Convert ETH’ or ‘Convert USDT.’  

Double-check the information you entered and confirm the transaction if everything is correct.  

Step 5 – Claim the Tokens  

Lastly, all that’s left for you to do is claim the Tamadoge tokens.  

But, you should know that the ‘Claim’ option will be available only once the presale ends.

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Rising Inflation as the Core of the Problem

The FED is facing one of the biggest challenges in modern history. The current global situation turned into the perfect storm for most markets, pushing consumer inflation to new all-time highs. As a result, the Federal Reserve has increased rates three times this year to a total of 0.75 points. The trend will likely continue today, as we expect the rates to increase by another 0.25 points. FED’s goal is to bring inflation back to 2%, which requires raising rates at least four times a year, and the trend is likely to continue in 2023. 

The stock markets kept pulling back since early 2022, while the interest rates kept increasing. With a recession and energy crisis looming worldwide, investors keep dumping assets and moving on to other industries. The situation is also putting a lot of pressure on crypto markets, making 2022 one of the worst years in history. We are yet to see the effects of the next FED meeting, but they are likely to affect crypto markets negatively.

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