Crypto Fans Gear Up for What May Be Another Tough September

Just as we hoped that the May crash was behind us, the crypto market entered another slump. Historically, September is a tough month for cryptocurrencies. For the fifth year in a row, Bitcoin has recorded significant losses in the ninth month. The total crypto market value dipped under one trillion again, just as it was showing some signs of recovery in August.

As fears of another crash mount, investors are fretfully eyeing any possible investment that can save them from it. One of the best at the moment is Tamadoge, a crypto/NFT gaming platform that is currently in the public presale phase. However, the supply of TAMA, its native token, is dwindling fast and if you want to get a piece of the action, you need to hurry.

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Tamadoge Presale Is Breaking Records.

Tamadoge entered the public presale phase less than five weeks ago and already managed to raise more than $12 million from selling around 722 million TAMA tokens. The presale is happening in tranches, with 100 million tokens allocated for sale in each tranche.

The price of TAMA is going up with each subsequent tranche. During the first one, you could get 100 TAMA for 1 USDT. In the last finished tranche, the price was 1 USDT for just 40 TAMA. The last two phases will see a further price increase, going to 35 TAMA for 1 USDT and 33.33 TAMA for 1 USDT respectively. The hard-cap goal for the presale is to raise a total of $19 million for further development and improvements.

As the target of one billion tokens set aside for presale nears, the TAMA price will suffer additional upward pressure. Many investors who have missed their chance to buy it during the early stages are now scrambling to get their hands on some TAMA before it hits the open market once the presale ends in Q4 2022.

The effects of the initial CEX listings can’t be accurately predicted at this time, but the consensus is that the price of TAMA will surge once it gets listed on major exchanges. The plan is for TAMA to be present on all main exchanges by Q2 2023. That is a tight schedule, but the Tamadoge team has so far hit every stop on the way ahead of schedule and they are confident this goal will be completed on time as well.

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Advantages of Investing in TAMA

Tamadoge is an amazing project that offers exciting possibilities both to its users and investors. The idea is simple and based on the beloved Tamagotchi game. Your first task is to mint some Tamadoges, digital pets who gave the project its name. Each comes in a form of a unique NFT that you can equip with various gear and accessories. You need to train and feed them, so you can pit them in battles against other people’s pets.

Tamadoge uses something called Play-to-Earn (P2E) concept, which offers players a chance to earn money while playing their favorite games. Each win and place on the leaderboard in Tamadoge will earn you Dogepoints, which can be exchanged for TAMA. You can use TAMA to further improve your Tamadoges or sell them on the market.

The next thing on Tamadoge’s team roadmap is the launch of Tamaverse, a Metaverse-like space that will allow partnerships with various Metaverse projects and supporters.

A lot of people compared Tamadoge to other memecoins because it uses a popular doge theme, but that is not a fair comparison. Unlike competitors like Dogecoin or Shiba Inu, TAMA is designed with utility in mind from the start. Currently, it is only fueling one game, but developers promised more titles to come in the future, each using TAMA as its currency.

The team behind the TAMA, headed by veteran crypto developers Thomas Seabrook and Carl Dawkins, has also announced plans for incorporating Augmented Reality (AR) in Tamaverse for 2023. The updated 3D versions of all Tamadoges are already designed and ready for deployment.

Whether Tamadoge is the next big thing in crypto remains to be seen, but the fact is that the project holds great promise. Coupled with excellent execution, it definitely has the potential to pop off and go to the Moon.

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