Ian Balina & SPRK Token allegations

Ian Balina has for long been known as one of the top crypto promoters in the world. But, now, he’s facing some serious allegations and criminal charges in the United States.

On Monday, September 19, Balina was charged with violating securities laws in the U.S. He is accused of essentially promoting and then re-selling tokens that were connected to an ICO, or Initial Coin Offering, that happened in 2018.

He was levied additional charges for his role in promoting a securities offering for SparksPay (SPK) tokens without letting people know that he was being paid by Sparkster Ltd. to promote it. These are serious charges that Balina is facing.  

Aside from the obvious individual concerns for Balina, this ordeal raises important questions about certain cryptos on the market, and whether they’re all they’re cut out to be.

While there are plenty of frauds on the market, there are plenty of others that are real, legitimate, secure and bound to rise in value. Three of the newest ones that fit that mold are Lucky Block (LBLOCK), Battle Infinity (IBAT) and Tamadoge (TAMA).

Ian Balina Hurt Many Investors

Back in 2018, Ian Balina started the “Ian Balina Crypto World Tour,” in which he traveled around to various cities pitching to tech companies that wanted to be part of his well-followed YouTube channel. That’s when, in 2018, he met executives from Sparkster and struck a deal to feature them on his channel.

Balina began promoting SPRK, which boosted the value of the coin significantly. The problem was that he was being paid on the back-end to promote SPRK, which is against U.S. securities laws. He was allowed to purchase about $5 million worth of SPRK for re-sale. On top of that, he received a bonus of 30% in SPRK tokens for doing his promotion.

This is why the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is going after Ian Balina. Over the last six months, SPRK has dropped precipitously in value, and it doesn’t look like it’s going back up any time soon.

News like this always spooks some crypto investors, who worry about when the new crypto fraud will be discovered. Some people might shy away from newer cryptos as a result, but there’s really no reason to do that if you do your research.

In fact, some of the newest NFTs to hit the market are the best investments you can make. If you choose secure and legitimate NFTs such as Lucky Block, Battle Infinity and Tamadoge, you can reap the immense rewards.

Let’s take a look at how each of these NFTs are redefining their markets.

Big Rewards Come from Lucky Block

Lucky Block’s NFT is exciting enough on its own that users really don’t need to be incentivized to hold onto it. That being said, there are some big rewards that come from doing just that.

LBLOCK started as a jackpot prize drawing. Today, it has grown into a full-blown NFT competitions platform on a global scale. There are lots of reasons to buy and hold onto LBLOCK, which is how it’s able to hang onto and grow its value for investors.

Those who hold onto LBLOCK in their wallets will be entered into grand prize drawings. You can get entries for accomplishing different things while you hold onto the NFT.

Then, the jackpot prize drawings are held, and users are rewarded with life-changing prizes. Some recent prizes have included a Lamborghini and $1 million worth of bitcoin.

LBLOCK is a platform that’s fully controlled by its users, and it’s a fully decentralized organization. This is yet another reason why it’s so valuable and a solid, secure investment.

lucky block

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Fantasy Sports Getting New Competitor in Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity is a new competitor hitting the market in India’s popular fantasy sports market, going head-to-head with the Mobile Premier League and Dream11.

IBAT is going to revolutionize blockchain gaming. It’s a great Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming platform, where users own everything they earn in the game through accomplishing various feats. The value of the NFT will naturally rise over time because of this, thereby increasing how valuable IBAT itself is. 

Users are able to play multiple games on the metaverse, on what is known as the IBAT Battle Arena. When fully launched, Battle Infinity is going to start with the Indian Premier League.

It’s available for purchase now on Pancakeswap, and soon will be on LBANK, too.

ibat premier league

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A New Approach to Meme Coins with Tamadoge

Tamadoge is taking the meme coin market by storm. After a very well-performing Beta sale, TAMA’s presale ended after raising $19 million.

It’s a new meme coin that’s environmentally-friendly, since it’s pre-mined. Tamadoge users can take their doges onto the Tamaverse, where they can hang out with friends and battle it out to climb a leaderboard. They also can train and breed their doges, which increases the value of their NFTs and TAMA over time.

This combo of the P2E and NFT markets are what makes Tamadoge so unique, and why it’s so valuable, too.

Tamadoge 2

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You Can Trust These Three New NFTs

Some investors are wary of crypto after news like Ian Balina and his relationship with SPRK are revealed. But, that is just a lot of smoke and mirrors in the industry. While there are undoubtedly going to be fraudsters and scammers out there, there are also plenty of real, legitimate and trustworthy cryptos that are doing the right thing — and bringing back loads of value for their investors.

Three new NFTs that fit that description are Lucky Block, Battle Infinity and Tamadoge. All three make for outstanding investments as new NFTs on the market that are changing the way people think about their market.

If you want to reap the immense benefits that each of these NFTs can provide, you better act quick. You don’t want to miss the boat, so act now before it’s too late. You won’t be disappointed that you purchased LBLOCK, IBAT and TAMA.

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