Tamadoge LBank listing – 10x gains expected as the meme coin of the moment gets a new listing

The cryptocurrency bear market that we can see this year has erased more than half of the market cap in total, which is why the new investors are looking for coins that can bring high returns in a relatively short time. While Bitcoin and Ethereum go through all kinds of shifts and changes, there is a noticeable trend for investors to turn to more affordable coins. One coin made a huge splash when it managed to raise $19 million in less than two months, attracting the attention of all crypto enthusiasts around the globe. We are talking about Tamadoge (TAMA), and it is the token that is now ready to conquer the world!

Why is Tamadoge so appealing to investors?

The reason why this interesting ecosystem enjoys such enormous attention among so many other coins is that TAMA is a revolutionary token with a slightly different approach. The team behind it realized that the key to success is providing a combination of transparency, excitement, and all the elements that the investors want to see. Considering that the players will be able to meet their pets, each of these pets will be an NFT that can be later sold or traded on the market.

However, that is not nearly all that can be said about this platform. The players will get the chance to care for their pets and battle with them once they are ready. The battles will bring Dogepoints to the owners and help them move up on the leaderboard, which will bring the rewards to the players. This concept resembles Tamagotchi pets, but it is far more advanced because it includes NFTs and Tamaverse, and there are lots of things to look forward to, such as arcade games and AR (augmented reality) app.



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TAMA listings bring excitement

Listings on the exchange are always crucial for every new coin that gets introduced to the market, and the team behind Tamadoge announced the listings on OKX on September 27th. Now there is a new announcement that will make all the investors happy. It is expected that it will get listed on LBank soon, which will surely initiate a price explosion bringing gains to the investors up to 10x!

LBank is a reputable crypto exchange that has more than 7 million users from all parts of the world, giving the opportunity to all investors to get their TAMA tokens easily. Considering that there are so many users, TAMA will get the attention it deserves.

In addition, it is important to say that while one billion TAMA tokens were available during the presale, with the new listings, more tokens will now be in circulation. After the announced listings, five percent of the total number of tokens will be burned in the near future. Burning of the tokens and higher exposure on the exchanges is a winning combination that will increase the demand and ultimately increase their price.

Out of the total number of tokens, 400 million won’t be minted since they will be reserved for the exchange listings. There is ten year unlocking period for 30% of the total token number, which will be minted over the next decade. The long-term plans show that Tamadoge is here to stay and that it will be present on the market for many years to come.

TAMA price prediction

The price of TAMA tokens during the presale was around $0.015, and its value started increasing during the stages. The moment it got listed on OKX, its price reached $ 0.033594. With a market cap of $21.40 million and a trading volume of $1.17 million, it is surely working its way towards ensuring its place on the market.  

It is expected that the market cap of TAMA will go through a change once it becomes available to a large number of investors after it gets listed on all the exchanges planned until the end of this year and during the next. Since the listings are crucial for TAMA exposure, the analysts predict that once the LBank listing becomes official, it will increase its price up to 10 times. Some analysts believe that the price will rise even more, so the smart move for the investors would be to buy TAMA tokens before the price goes up.

What can the investors expect in the following months?

Tamadoge roadmap is pretty clear and transparent. The investors can expect more listings until the end of the year, and it has been announced that the Tamadoge NFT pet store will be open in the following months. The players will be able to access the Tamadoge battling leaderboard, but there will also be giveaways for the faithful players and investors who show their skills in the battles. At the beginning of the next year, there will be further CEX (centralized exchanges) listings and more giveaways.

It is expected that the Tamadoge P2E (play to earn) arcade games, as well as token prizes and physical prizes and will become available for the players in the third quarter of the following year. The fourth quarter is reserved for the launch of the Tamadoge AR app that will enable the players to play with their pets as if they are real, and there will surely be lots of surprises on the way as an incentive for the players and a way to keep them entertained.


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There is no doubt that Tamadoge is a very promising project with a serious plan to succeed. An enormous hype and interest around it are just showing that the crypto investors are eager to get their hands on TAMA tokens because it seems that it is completely unaffected by the circumstances surrounding other coins. The new listings will increase the demand, so if you wish to invest, hurry up before the price changes!



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