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Tamadoge Closing in on $100 Mil Volume after OKX Listing

New milestones on the way for Tamadoge?

After raising $19 million in record time and landing its first major exchange listing, Tamadoge zeroes in on another achievement by closing in on almost $100 million in trading volume after the first listing day.

The price level hovered around the $0.05 mark yesterday, bringing over 300% of profits to the earliest investors that purchased TAMA tokens during the beta phase of the presale.

However, analysts are saying that this is just the beginning and what we’ve seen is only a fraction of what Tamadoge will achieve towards the end of the year.


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Tamadoge Pummels through the First Day of OKX IEO Listing

Even before Tamadoge announced its OKX listing, traders marked it as a “high-priority” investment due to its incredible potential.

A few weeks ago, Tamadoge successfully ended its presale phase weeks ahead of schedule, with $19 million raised in a relatively short time span.

Naturally, once the founders revealed that the OKX listing will take place on the 27th of September, the demand for TAMA tokens grew even further, alongside the price.

This is only one of the CEX/DEX listings investors can expect in the following months. With the price still being fairly low, investors might never have a “cheaper” opportunity to purchase TAMA tokens.

A few hours after the listing, TAMA was priced at a little above $0.05, but ultimately settled down at the $0.025 mark as the day came to an end.

Furthermore, 224 million TAMA tokens have been traded only five hours into the listing sessions and the meme coin is closing in on a $100 million trading volume as we speak.

Those of you that join the hype and join OKX to get your first batch of TAMA tokens should know that by depositing $50, you can win a $10,000 mystery box.

Currently, the majority of presales investors are still holding their tokens as new money begins to enter the TAMA/USDT trading pair.

Although the project is still in its infancy, there are around 16,000 token holders at the time of writing, a great number considering the presale practically just ended.

As a quick reminder, OKX is one of the largest CEX/DEX crypto exchanges in the world and it offers a variety of financial services (savings account, lending, borrowing, etc.). This is why investors called the listing a “home run” for Tamadoge.

What’s more, OKX is suitable even for total beginners that don’t have any crypto trading experience. There are numerous educational resources that can be found in platform sections and the exchange sends notifications to all of its users regarding the most important crypto news and changes.

To purchase TAMA, all you have to do is go to OKX’s official website, create an account, and search for the crypto.

Those traders that live in a country restricted from accessing the CEX marketplace can use the DEX platform as an alternative. Tamadoge is accessible through both listing, as well as LBank as of tomorrow, 5th October!

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Tamadoge Might be the Next Meme Coin Market Leader 

Tamadoge is a meme crypto that utilizes NFT, blockchain, Metaverse, and P2E technology in one comprehensive ecosystem.

Also, it offers something that can rarely be found in today’s meme coin market – real-world utility and advanced tokenization.

The native governance token is TAMA, which also serves as a gateway to the Tamaverse (in-game Metaverse) and is used as the primary currency for trading, reward distribution, and other activities.

As we all know, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu currently stand as the leaders of the meme coin market, even despite the issues that they’re having with high supply and limited utility.

Not only does Tamadoge solve these issues, but it also incorporates cutting-edge technology and an immersive P2E game.

This P2E game resembles the 90s Tamagochi in terms of gameplay.

In short, players can acquire NFT pets that they need to take care of. They buy them clothes and food, and learn how to use their abilities to prepare for battles in the arena. 

Once the pet is old enough, players use them to complete missions and win battles to earn Dogepoints. Each month, prestigious rewards from the Dogepool are distributed to the best-ranked players on the leaderboard.  

This game is just one of the opportunities users can explore in the interesting world of Tamaverse.

As we said, Tamadoge just landed its first CEX/DEX listing on OKX a few days ago, but more are anticipated to come in the following months. The next one will most likely be on LBank.

CoinSniper KYC’d the project and SolidProof audited it for smart contracts, meaning investors won’t have to worry about any “rug pull” danger with Tamadoge.

Tamadoge Pet Store Will Soon be Released (Q4 2022)

Tamadoge developers are already working on the next features of the project and managing that everything goes according to the roadmap.

The next feature we’re waiting to be released is the Tamadoge pet store, one of the most crucial parts of the Tamaverse and a place where users will be able to trade and purchase TAMA tokens and NFT pets.

While there’s still no official information on the exact date of release, we do know that it’s scheduled for Q4 of 2022.

If you want to stay on top of all the latest Tamadoge developments, you can join their official Telegram community.


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The Takeaway

Tamadoge is currently looking like the most promising cryptocurrency in 2022 when it comes to huge profit potential.

NFTs, Metaverse, blockchain, P2E, utility… it seems that it has everything needed to survive in the competitive crypto environment.

What’s more, TAMA tokens have already brought 500% increases since the OKX listing to the earliest investors. But analysts suggest that even bigger profits are coming soon.