news terra lunas price keeps fluctuating whilst eco friendly alternative impt opens with a 150k presale

Terra Luna’s price keeps fluctuating, whilst eco-friendly alternative IMPT opens with a $150k presale

Ever since the collapse of Terra Luna created enormous problems for investors worldwide, something started happening. It seemed like Terra Luna started showing signs of recovery at one point, but the happiness didn’t last long. The price spike of 12% during the previous week showed that there is a chance to go back to the heights that it once reached, but today’s price is showing a different picture. 

This article will include the reasons behind the price shifts of Terra Luna but also the information about one exciting coin that is now on presale- IMPT. It managed to raise $150k during the initial 24 hours, showing what we can expect in the days to follow. On the other hand, there is Tamadoge (TAMA) which is getting listed on new exchanges and hitting one goal after another. 

What is happening with Terra Luna?

May was pretty stressful for all the crypto enthusiasts who were looking at the market in disbelief while it collapsed and caused major waves and damage to all the investors out there. Even though it was considered to be a stablecoin and there were efforts of the team behind it to create a coin that would keep a fixed value, the intention was not materialized. The reason why it didn’t work well was that it was closely tied to its sister crypto, Luna, instead of a dollar. 

Rebranding LUNA into LUNC was the attempt of the team behind this project to save what they could, and it certainly started showing results. The beginning of September brought some exciting news to the crypto investors who witnessed the increased trading volume and a price spike that gave hope to many investors. The price growth was initiated by the 1.2% token burn tax for all the transactions. 

The price of Terra Luna today is $0.000306, and there is a 3.50% price drop that is again making the investors nervous. Since the situation is pretty unstable regarding Terra Luna, the investors are showing an increasing interest in two coins with incredible potential – IMPT and TAMA


IMPT is a new rising star on the market

In the search for ways to preserve our planet, it seems that the crypto market is offering some solutions. IMPT is new crypto on presale now, and the interest the investors are showing is incredible. During the first 24 hours, $150k was raised, showing the world that despite some difficult times on the market, there are still coins that will reach some new heights. 

The reason why IMPT is so different from other projects on the market is that it strives to reduce the carbon footprint by tokenizing carbon credits. These carbon credits can be bought on the IMPT directly. The other way to get these carbon credits is through more than 10,000 brands by shopping. Later on, these tokens can be exchanged for carbon credits. The carbon credits can be redeemed or sold. 

At the moment of writing, $487,703.178 has been raised, going fast towards the second stage when the price of the IMPT token will increase. The presale will have three stages. During this current one, 20% of the total number of tokens will be available at the price of $0.0180 per token. The second stage will bring a price increase, and the price for each one of the 22% of tokens will be $0.0230. During the third and final presale stage, 18% of the tokens will be priced at $0.0280 per token. With the clearly planned stages, it is no wonder that the investors want to get as many IMPT tokens as they can. If you wish to invest, make sure to waste no time!

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TAMA’s price is on the rise

There is no doubt that Tamadoge (TAMA) has been causing waves on the crypto market from the moment it appeared. Despite being present since July this year, it managed to become one of the most popular coins on the market with the highly successful presale when $19 million were raised in a matter of weeks. Despite the fear of the investors that the hype surrounding TAMA would drop when the presale is done, the rising price says otherwise. 

The price of TAMA today is $0.1547, and there has been a spike of 8.78% in the last 24 hours. The OKX listing that became live on September 27th surely affected this price rise greatly. The fact that all the investors can buy TAMA despite the location surely brought lots of publicity. Investors who, for some reason, cannot access OKX can easily visit OKX DEX and buy TAMA tokens without issues

In addition, there are the announced LBank and MEXC listings that will surely bring more attention to TAMA in the coming days. As TAMA gets listed on one exchange after another, not only its popularity gets an increase, but the price is also expected to reflect it. With the market capitalization of 85.99M, it is surely showing the incredible potential it has, which attracts a large number of investors to hurry up and invest before the price increases again! 


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The volatility of the market is something that all investors have in mind from the moment they decide to invest. However, with the world economy going through some changes as well, it is evident that investors now want to be on the safe side and avoid risks to the greatest possible extent. With Terra Luna going through major shifts, the investors are looking for other options, and it seems that both IMPT and TAMA are meeting the requirements. With the IMPT now on presale, the investors are in a rush to get as many tokens as possible. Simultaneously, TAMA’s price is on the rise, putting a smile on the investors’ faces and attracting new ones to come and join!