Against Canada's proposed blank media levy

LIVING IN CANDA is a pretty good deal for geeks. Although we're taxed through the nose, there's plentiful, cheap broadband, and the weather is certainly conducive to spending the days indoors in front of a screen. We're a calm, considerate people, despite what our hockey fights might suggest. In spite of all that, though, I'm fuming over some proposed new levies for recordable blank media that could represent a huge step backwards for a government that was supposed to support technology.

If you live in Canada, this is a call for action, because there is still time to kill off the proposed levies. Even if you're not a Canuck, you should still pay very close attention. Canada's policies tend to be about as radical as our winters are warm, and we're likely not the first government to consider levies like this one. If the proposed levies do pass, they could become a model for other countries, and this isn't something anyone wants spreading.

So what exactly is being proposed? What's so bad about it? Read on to find out.

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