Who pushes your pixels?

Monday brings with it another poll, but let's take a look at last week's results first. Only 39% of voters saw no use for VIA's C3 processor beyond a keychain. 20% of voters could picture using a C3 in a LAN firewall/gateway/file server, with 13% finding the C3 appropriate for a digital media hub. 9% of voters would use a C3 in an E-mail/web/IM terminal, followed closely by 8% in a PC for the kids/wife/grandma. Rounding out the rest, 6% of users see the C3 in a laptop or tablet PC, 4% would go for an embedded system, and only 2% favor the C3 in a blade server.

This week it's time to sound off on your current graphics chipset.

Who makes the graphics chip in your primary graphics card?
Have a second to spare? Go vote!

Update: OK, we've reset the poll because of a problem with the vote tallying. If you voted before, please try again. Thanks.

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