Another processor price war coming?

With AMD's 0.13 micron Athlon almost upon us, we could be headed straight for another price war. The Inquirer is reporting that Intel will be making some price changes next month.
The big price drops come in mid April, as we said in our earlier story, and then again at the end of May.
AMD's latest processors have been inching up in price (the Athlon XP 2100+'s official price at release was only $50 cheaper than a 2.2GHz Pentium 4,) so it will be interesting to see if they follow suit with price cuts of their own.

Still, I have to wonder if we'll ever see as great a price discrepancy between Intel and AMD chips as we have in the past. What AMD might do to combat Intel's dropping prices is slash its Athlon XP line, but be more conservative with price cuts for its SMP-certified Athlon MPs. Either way, cuts are coming from at least Intel, and I can't imagine anyone not being happy about that.

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