ALi announces Aladdin IV Pro

Acer Laboratories, Inc. is back in the chipset game with a new core logic design that attempts to catch up with the latest from Via and Intel. From the press release:
The Aladdin-Pro 4 supports Pentium III and Pentium II CPUs, 100MHz Front Side Bus (FSB), and a variety of memory architectures including PC 133, PC 100 and Virtual Channel memory. . . . For Desktop Systems, the Aladdin-Pro 4 includes the same Northbridge - the M1641 - which is coupled with the M1535D Southbridge. The high integration of the M1535D, which includes audio, super I/O, USB, UDMA 66/33, KBC among other features, results in not only a high performance and flexible design, but very cost-effective platforms across multiple market segments.
Yep, it's "cost-effective." The folks at ALi are proud descendants of that great Spanish conquistador, El Cheapo. (Thanks to TR news hound Maizel for this one.)
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