TR Forums upgrade complete

Last night during the hightly secretive "lost" hour resulting from the Daylight Savings changeover, I upgraded our forums to a new and much-improved version of our forum software. There are loads of new features, including a post preview, a built-in topic review frame, polls, message notifications, and... well, more than I can list.

There are a few gotchas, though. First, the "TR blue" look isn't the default now, because at present, the blue template doesn't quite look right in Netscape 4 or 6. You can, however, change your profile preferences to use the blue look if you want. It looks great in IE.

Next, when we brought over the user database from the older version, one of the new options, message notification, was turned on by default for existing users. You may want to turn that off so you don't receive a flood of e-mail notifications.

Beyond that, this thing seems to work pretty well. Go check it out.

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