AMD Thoroughbred to have 512K L2 cache?

Chris over at AMDZone has been following this story closely. The T-bred (130nm Athlon) was expected to show up in laptops before it arrived in desktop systems. Also, AMD announced a couple weeks back that they'd successfully ramped up their 130nm fab process. Now, Compaq is apparently selling an Athlon laptop with a 512K L2 cache. Chris writes:
I called Compaq myself and the salesman said that the Presario 725US did indeed have 512KB of L2 cache. He acted like he knew what he was talking about. This model is not available directly from Compaq, but in retail stores. I did some digging and found that has it listed as available for order now. Input Presario 725US in the search box and it will bring up the order page.
I don't know what to make of this one. AMD told us repeatedly, point blank, that the T-bred would have only 256K L2 cache. However, we have been puzzling over the shape of the T-bred core ever since Comdex. (It ain't shaped like a Palomino. Why? What's different?) Bumping up the cache to 512K makes perfect sense along with the die shrink to 130nm; Intel did the same with the Northwood Pentium 4. Heck, even AMD's apparent decision not to raise the Athlon XP's bus speed makes more sense if the cache is getting larger

We've asked AMD to commment, but judging by what Chris is reporting, they may not be saying much just yet.

UPDATE: AMD informs us it was all just a typo:

Definately a typo on the Compaq website... TYPO on the L2 cache.
So there you have it.
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