Copy protection bill widely opposed

— 2:54 PM on April 11, 2002

Back in March we mentioned the possible the introduction of the SSSCA in the US Senate. This bill would have rendered the sale of all non-SSSCA compliant digital media equipmemt illegal. Compliance would have meant built-in, dedicated copyright-protection. The Bill was introduced by Senator Ernest Hollings (D-SC), at the behest of all your favorite media behemoths: Disney, AOL-Time Warner, et al. Corporations opposing the bill included technology firms such as Intel and IBM. In fact, Gateway is starting an advertising campaign promoting "fair use" of digital media, in opposition to the bill. Judging by your comments, you were universally dead set against it, siding with the technology creators as opposed to the content creators. Well, those of you who faxed, emailed, or snail-mailed your Senators and Congressmen have been heard!

A digital-copyright bill introduced in the U.S. Senate last month has inspired howls of protest from consumers and high-tech firms who say it could slow technological advances and dictate how consumers listen to music or watch videos at home.

Well connected lobbyists and everyday users alike have flooded Congress with faxes and e-mail over the past several weeks to lodge complaints against the bill, which would prevent new computers, CD players and other consumer- electronics devices from playing unauthorized movies, music and other digital media files.

It would seem the little guy does have a voice after all.

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