Team TR: Join the fold

We've been running the TR Folding@Home team for under a week now, and we've already shot from 627th to 128th place. Currently, I'm pretty much whuppin' y'all, with Dr. Evil and Speed trailing behind. I'm gonna bring up the Damage Labs juggernaught to full strength overnight and put some more distance between us. (Update: Well, the ol' Folding Farm here tripped the main circuit breaker for the house. Doh!)

I know for certain that at least two folks have purchased new computer hardware in order to compete better. This stuff is strangely addictive.

Anyhow, if you'd like to join the fray, we're making it easier now. DiMaestro has written up some instructions on getting started with folding, complete with info for everyone from Mac freaks to dually Athlon owners. He explains how to run the Folding client as a service in Windows, as well, so you can install it on every PC in your workplace. Err, not that we would recommend that. Especially not the getting caught part.

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