AMD intros Mobile Athlon XP processor

Hot outta the inbox: AMD has introduced the first incarnation of Thoroughbred, the 130nm Athlon processor, in the form of the Mobile Athlon XP processor. As expected, T-bred is a die-shrunk Athlon XP and nothing more¬óno larger L2 cache or other notable performance tweaks. Obviously, the Athlon at 130nm is a very small chip that ought to sip power frugally.

Fortunately, calling this chip Athlon XP kills off the horrid "Athlon 4" name. As you might expect, this move also brings AMD's model-number processor rating scheme to the mobile segment. From the press release:

Production shipments of the mobile AMD Athlon XP processors, including models 1400+ and 1500+, began in first quarter of 2002. Notebook PCs based on the mobile AMD Athlon XP processor, models 1600+ and 1700+, are expected to be available later this quarter.
The chips will be compatible with AMD's Socket A infrastructure, but interestingly, there will be a micro-PGA version of the Mobile Athlon XP, as well. No word yet on when to expect T-bred processors for the desktop to arrive.
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